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On The Potential and Hurdles of the #FlippedClassroom

By Marianne Stenger, re-published with the permission of This week we talked with Flipped Learning’s Jonathan Bergman; teacher, writer and educational coach who is passionate about helping educators figure out what is best for their students in their classroom. Bergmann has over 24 years of experience as a high school science teacher and in 2002 he… Read More ›

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Free Tool to Create Interactive Assignments and Track Learner Performance

Knowmia has supported so many teachers flipping their classrooms, it’s especially popular in U.S. We’ve covered their free iPad App – Knowmia Teach (iTunes link), which can replace the paid App – Explain Everything. And it’s not just a video recording tool, it connects to a whole lot more support for teachers! In case you… Read More ›


Inclusive Learning Design to Rescue One-Size-Fits-All Flipped Classrooms (#OER)

In a world going digital, the accessbility of content does not seem to be a problem, right? Wrong! Many digital materials are NOT matching to different learners!  Watching videos is worse than reading paper books ? Does one-size-fits-all happen in the filpped classrooms? Yes, if teachers think it’s all about watching videos at home…. Video content… Read More ›

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5 New Free Tools for iPad Classrooms Worth Your Attention (#iPadEd)

Several new tools might be worth your attention for flipped classrooms or iPads classrooms. These tools are all free to use and meet different needs. GoClass (beta) Instructors can string together resources in a lesson plan format along with lecture notes and questions for formative assessment through a single app, and then deliver it through the… Read More ›


Research Roundup about MOOCs and Online Learning

The rising of MOOCs brings the interest of scrutinizing the effectiveness of online learning. Definitely it’s not a new-born baby, even MIT’s OpenCourseWare is more than 10 years old. But the Web2.0 technologies and new concepts have brought something different and evolving. Journalist’s Resource has put together a roundup on those significant research papers in… Read More ›

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Flip a Class and Create a Movie

by John Hardison, this article first published on : Flip a Class & Create a Movie: A Dream Come True Proudly, I am a teacher and a dreamer. With all discrepancies of skills and talents set aside, I relate to Steven Spielberg in at least one area: I, too, “dream for a living.” I dream of… Read More ›

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OpenEd Free Video Library for Open Web Learning

OpenEd is an effort to collect free educational videos aligned to Common Core State Standards for all teachers and students with internet connection and computers. It’s now accepting user applications into beta release, and of course user feedback. This is their letter for an introduction: OpenEd helps you find the best videos and other content… Read More ›


Blended Learning Implementation Guide (#DLDay)

Blended learning is not ‘just another district initiative,’ It is a large scale opportunity to develop schools that are more productive for students and teachers. It’s a fundamental redesign of instructional model. In honor of Digital Learning Day, Digital Learning Now! (DLN) today released its fifth white paper in the DLN Smart Series, “Blended Learning Implementation… Read More ›

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From 2012 The Tipping Point to EPIC 2020

2012 The Tipping Point is a short presentation in a TED like format that was given by Bill Sams in June 2012 to the Ohio Tech Angel Fund members.  It is a concise overview of what has already happened in the education world. The EPIC 2020 web site contains links and additional information on every thing discussed… Read More ›

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NMC Horizon Report – Preview 2013 Higher Education Edition

from The New Media Consortium (NMC) The NMC Horizon Report > 2013 Higher Education Edition is a collaborative effort between the NMC and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), an EDUCAUSE Program, and is slated to be released in February 2013. The tenth edition will describe annual findings from the NMC Horizon Project, a decade-long research project designed to… Read More ›

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Professional Development for Flipped Learning

Pearson and the Flipped Learning Network have joined forces to offer new and exciting blended professional development for educators looking to switch to the new “flipped learning” teaching model (See the Press Release). Through this partnership, and based on the pioneering work of Flipped Learning Network’s founding members, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, highly skilled trainers… Read More ›

Top 10 Educational Technologies of 2012

School Library Journal has listed the top 10 educational technologies of 2012 for our awareness that shift happens. It’s a good time for us to review all the trends at the end of this year. It’s exciting. Let’s examine some of the stickier trends and trends-to-be and see where our opportunities are. (actually there are… Read More ›

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Adoption Rates of New Styles of K-12 Teaching

Enterasys Networks conducted a survey to better understand how rapidly K-12 schools are adopting digital textbooks, video content, the flipped classroom, online assessment, social media, and customizing student access to the Internet. The results of the 255 responses are presented in a new Infographic as below. Although the sample size is not big enough, but… Read More ›

How Google Glasses Will Change Our Education

by Staff Writers at Education is already seeing some major changes in light of new, cutting-edge technologies. Students can now access educational information from virtually anywhere at any time, and mobile devices are influencing some to flip their classrooms, changing the educational experience altogether. While current technologies are making waves, further changes linked to… Read More ›

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Tactilize Aims To Make iPad Publishing Easy

(from TechCrunch) The iPad is a great canvas for beautiful apps, but unless you are a pretty competent developer or designer, getting your own content onto the iPad isn’t exactly easy. Tactilize wants to make it significantly easier for writers, photographers, videographers and anybody else who produces interesting content to feature – and monetize – their works on… Read More ›

3 Discoveries from A Gamified AP Biology Class

Paul Andersen has been teaching science in Montana for the last eighteen years.  He’s been posting a regular series of YouTube videos on all things science and education in general for the past year: including physics, biology,  anatomy, earth science, chemistry, they have become very popular. His science videos have been viewed millions of times by students… Read More ›

100 Talks From the World’s Top Scientists for Science Geeks

by Michael Keathley, Open source, for both the classroom and the self-educator, proves an absolutely swoon-worthy digital ocean of information. Unsurprisingly, the sciences thrive in such a climate, with the Internet positively flooded with panels, lectures, Q&As, talks, complete and incomplete classes, demonstrations, and other conduits through which education flows. Our 2009 listing featured some of the… Read More ›

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5 Innovations to Support Flipped Classrooms

There are several good news for educators who are flipping their classrooms. These new growing trends reveal not only learning anytime and anywhere, but also teaching anytime and anywhere. New tools and platforms are coming to help flipping classrooms easier, and help learning personalized. And as mobile learning with consumption of media increases, more innovations are possibly… Read More ›

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3 Schools That Are Getting It Right

by Diana Moore, from : Three Schools That Are Getting It Right It’s easy to spend a lot of time on what’s wrong with education—and there’s a place for that. Identifying problems can lead us to solutions. But another crucial part of the conversation needs to be discussing schools that have already found solutions—and how can they be replicated…. Read More ›

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102 Stories(Educators) of Transforming Learning Through Technologies

Starting from today,  July 31 through Aug.1, 102 finalists will showcase the creative ways they are transforming learning through technology in Redmond, Wash. Representing 25 states, they were selected to attend the Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 U.S. Forum. According to press release from Microsoft, an unprecedented number of applications were submitted this year. These projects across the Pre-K–12 spectrum… Read More ›

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The Future of Education Facilitated by Blended Learning

There is a school providing students with access to blended learning and self-paced programs regardless of time. A student has the opportunity to dynamically customize their schedule with a few limiting constructs. A student is required to be on campus four hours each school day.  They can attend between 7 am – 5 pm.  When on campus they will… Read More ›

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10 Reasons Every District Should Open a Flex School

Indianapolis gave the nod to opening 19 charter schools that will combine online technology and face-to-face instruction for nearly 11,000 students. Advocates say the “blended schools” can save money by employing fewer teachers, while also producing “impressive student results,” according to a report by the Associated Press. Blended learning is gaining ground as technologies enter… Read More ›

Blended-Learning in Evolving and Expanding

Last year, Innosight Institute published two white papers observing the rising and different models of blended learning. Last week this non-profit organization updated the observation on blended learning practices happening in different schools. In the white papers, titled “The rise of K-12 blended learning” and “The rise of K-12 blended learning: Profiles of emerging models,” we… Read More ›

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A College Teacher’s Reflection on Flipped Classrooms

“Trying anything new is risky. Will this flipped classroom thing work? …. But I am anticipating the rewards will far outweigh the amount of work it’s taking. I am anticipating that the experience will be much, much richer for both my students and myself.” – from Suze Murphys, a college teacher on her flipped class. She… Read More ›

A Chemistry Teacher’s Reflection on Flipped Classrooms

Maybe the most important and authentic parts of teaching and learning practices are from the reflections of teachers and students. Without these reflections, pedagogy theories are only theories, nothing more. This is a reflection from a high school chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam on his flipped teaching (flipped classroom). (a great site full of information about flipped classroom) ***** On-The-Go… Read More ›

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15 Flipped Classrooms We Can Learn From

After our most stared posts about flipped classrooms : “To Flip or not to Flip Your Classrooms?” and “Flip Your Minds before Flipping Your Classrooms”, this is a guest blog post from, it is a good information to help usconnecting more dots about what works.  Modern technology has spurred on a new trend in education: flipped… Read More ›

Exploring the Practices of Blended Learning in Education

This year(2011) marks a shift in the way that educators are thinking about online learning, several states have passed laws that will affect the way that virtual education operates in those states. This is a blog post about blended learning from our guest blogger : Robert Williams. Thanks, Robert. ***** Change though is hard to adapt to,… Read More ›

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To Flip or not to Flip Your Classrooms ?

We all agree teachers aren’t the gatekeepers of information or knowledge any more in this age. In Flip Your Minds before Flipping Your Classrooms, we pointed out that actualy the right purpose behind this pedagogy is to put students in charge of their own learning, and to turn students into active learners instead of passive receivers. 10… Read More ›

Blended Learning – Does it Inspire Better Learning?

Anybody initiating a research on the new trends of education and impact of technology on learning would seem to assume Blended learning, as a new turnaround in the world of education. However, not many people know that combining the traditional way of learning with the modern method has actually been a practice of years. Merging face-to-face learning with online… Read More ›

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Flip Your Minds before Flipping Your Classrooms

We would like to start this post with some great ideas that Peter Pappas brought to us. ***** How to Flip Your Classroom – and Get Your Students to Do the Work from Peter Pappas (under CC-BY-SA license) Recently I shared lunch with colleague and friend, Mike Gwaltney. He teaches in a variety of blending settings… Read More ›

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” -------- Chinese Wisdom "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." -------- Albert Einstein
"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).