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Online Ivy-League Education without the Ivy-League Price (#MOOC)

By Lucy Weiland MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provide Ivy-League education without the Ivy-League price. The courses cover topics all across the educational spectrum, from algebra to zoology and everywhere in between. You can take one anytime, anywhere, from any computer or device. More than perhaps any other form of education, you truly get out of it… Read More ›

What’s “The Learning Paradigm College” ?

Chris Thomas wrote about his thought of reading John Tagg’s “The Learning Paradigm College”, and shared with us how he re-designed the new course for the Software Engineering. Opposed to the Instruction Paradigm College with its “One teacher, one room, x students all focussed on the teacher (or should be)”, the Learning Paradigm College expects you to… Read More ›

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Enjoy 27 Digital Citizenship “Cookies”

An Ethical Island is a very interesting blog by a university teacher. Compared with all other articles or presentations talking about digital literacy, this infographic from An Ethical Island delivers the ideas in a friendly way. It’s like a plate presenting 27 small cookies which are easy to enjoy!

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Horizon Report – Australian Tertiary Education 2013

Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education 2013-2018 has just been released as one of Horizon reports, produced with the same process underlies the well-known NMC Horizon Report series. Take a minute to grab the main ideas and comparisons below. Comparison of 12 technologies to watch Top-Ranked Trends Across Three NMC Horizon Research Projects Top-Ranked Challenges Across… Read More ›

10 Ways to Inspire Your Colleagues As An Educator

Arecent story on The Onion, the Internet’s beloved satire site renowned for its ability to pinpoint painful truths in its “fake news” stories, last week underscored one of the saddest dynamics of modern education. In “Inspirational English Teacher Cancelled out by Every Other Teacher at School,” the problem of teacher burnout is readily apparent: “Despite her effusive passion… Read More ›

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100 Recommended Search Engines for Serious Scholars

by Staff Writers of : 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars (Revised) Back in 2010, we shared with you 100 awesome search engines and research resources in our post: 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars. It’s been an incredible resource, but now, it’s time for an update. Some services have moved on, others have been… Read More ›

(Infographic) Mobile Lives of College Students

As smartphones are getting more popular, college students rely on them more. This is another infographic from about the statistic of usage. Please include attribution to with this graphic.

(Infographic) 12 Emerging Technologies That Will Impact Higher Education

A new infographic based on New Media Consoritum’s 12 emerging technologies to watch highlights how mobile technologies will impact the future of higher education. It’s from There is no more section on mobile Apps alone (only tablet computing) – why? Apps are already becoming ubiquitous. Please include attribution to with this graphic.


Open Participatory Learning Infrastructure (OPLI) #OER

The OER report published in February 2007 by Atkins, Brown and Hammond (2007) at the request of the Hewlett Foundation shows the evolution of OER movement. The report presents the next phase of the project, that will aim at consolidating understanding, technology, and incentive from multiple threads of activity into an Open Participatory Learning Infrastructure (OPLI):… Read More ›

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8 Great Articles about #Creativity and #Education

The 85th Oscars Awards Ceremony is just around the corner, it makes us think about creativity seriously. Creativity is one of the most overlooked characteristics in formal education system. Reinventing Education To Teach Creativity And Entrepreneurship (BY: Jennifer Medbery) Teaching’s primary purpose should be to ensure that every student graduates ready to tinker, create, and take… Read More ›

The History of Education and Textbooks [Infographic]

by Jessica Owen, Boundless ( To understand where we’re heading in education and edtech, it’s important to look back at our educational roots. As we searched for some of most memorable moments and discoveries in the history of education, we found there are lots of things that haven’t changed in hundreds of years! The groundwork for clunky, physical… Read More ›

U of Virginia’s MOOC Connects Students with Real Businesses and Nonprofits

This is a news released from U. of Virginia about its MOOC, a brilliant idea of using MOOC as a platform to bridge opportunities for win-win-win. ***** 05/02/2013 The University of Virginia Darden School of Business today announced that more than 52,000 students have registered for Professor Michael Lenox‘s first Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) for Coursera, “Foundations… Read More ›


15 Ways Online Educators Can Light Social Engagement Afire

Social engagement may help eliminate the student retention problems that have plagued higher education for many years. Stephen Abram, author of the Stephen’s Lighthouse blog on library trends, pointed out that, “For decades, research has been pointing to social engagement as a key factor in helping improve student retention. While much progress has been made in working toward… Read More ›

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The first MOOC on Learning Design (#oldsmooc)

In the words of Dave Cormier, “curriculum is not driven by predefined inputs from experts; it is constructed and negotiated in real time by the contributions of those engaged in the learning process”. This is how the MOOC “Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum” from Open University is facilitated. Watch the introductory presentation here… Read More ›

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15 Education Technologies To Check Out in 2013

What latest gadgets and gizmos are going to change your classroom in 2013? It’s hard to know exactly what will catch on and what won’t, but the following list showcases some of the emerging new technologies, software, and platforms available. With their innovation and practicality, many of these are poised to enter the classroom and… Read More ›

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10 Universities with Amazing Online Digital Resources

OEDb(Online Education Database) has complied a great list of 10 Universities with Amazing Online Collections. So many colleges have begun digitizing their collections and putting them online, giving the world access to their amazing resources. Award-winning photographs, ancient manuscripts, original pieces of history and more…   Remember to bookmark the post. Oxford University: The University of… Read More ›

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From 2012 The Tipping Point to EPIC 2020

2012 The Tipping Point is a short presentation in a TED like format that was given by Bill Sams in June 2012 to the Ohio Tech Angel Fund members.  It is a concise overview of what has already happened in the education world. The EPIC 2020 web site contains links and additional information on every thing discussed… Read More ›

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NMC Horizon Report – Preview 2013 Higher Education Edition

from The New Media Consortium (NMC) The NMC Horizon Report > 2013 Higher Education Edition is a collaborative effort between the NMC and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), an EDUCAUSE Program, and is slated to be released in February 2013. The tenth edition will describe annual findings from the NMC Horizon Project, a decade-long research project designed to… Read More ›

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Free and Open Versions of Flat World Knowledge Texts

by Sean Connor, published on : now hosts free and open versions of Flat World Knowledge texts We are very pleased to announce that all Flat World Knowledge textbooks published under an open license are permanently and freely available from — free to read, free to download, free to share and remix under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA… Read More ›

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Better Possibility of You in College Admission

Across the state of Maine, 460 high school students are assigned to every one guidance counselor. To help students explore a wide range of schools and find the right college at the right price, has introduced a new digital college counseling program. The small Portland, Maine-based company’s big idea has generated attention from the White House at… Read More ›

15 Ways to Reinvent Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education examined several of higher education’s perpetual problems and imagined solutions. Here is what they came up with. Muhammad Saleem would like to share this infographic with our readers, take a look at some of the most common and persistent problems in higher education and possible solutions for reinventing the college experience. It was first… Read More ›

Online Education: Non-Profit vs For-Profit

For years, for-profit universities have dominated the online education space, however that’s changing. Please take a look at how non-profit universities are offering competitive alternatives. Muhammad Saleem shared this infographic crunching all the numbers behind the status. It’s from .

Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum (MOOC)

from Open Learning Design Studio  Welcome to the Open Learning Design Studio’s MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum”. The course will run from 10th January to 13th March 2013. This free, open and online course (MOOC) has been designed with further and higher education professionals in mind – lecturers,… Read More ›

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Technology Matters for Students

Technology is not only a critical part of learning, it’s an essential tool for communication and student-teacher engagement.  Which technologies are most important to students ? How technology impacts academic experience and achievement? Muhammad Saleem sent us this infographic about undergraduate students and technologies to share with you. Original source:

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The Ongoing Stories of MOOC

Online education is driving today’s higher education revolution. Though the flurry of attention around MOOCs may lead one to conclude that distance learning is a recent phenomenon, it actually dates back over 120 years. Read : Distance Learning Has Been Around Since 1892, You Big MOOC on Forbes. MOOCs have been around for a few years… Read More ›

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The End of Universities?

The Conversation, a website(funded by University of Melbourne) providing independent analysis and commentary from academics and researchers, raised a conversation about the future of universities last week. Read the following posts to  see which side you agree more. Universities must adapt or perish: report The Ernst & Young report, titled University of the future: A thousand year… Read More ›

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Can a Game Help Low-Income Youth Get into College?

By Henry Jenkins Today, the Collegeology Games project, a collaboration of the USC Rossier School of Education’s Pullias Center for Higher Education and the USC School of Cinematic Arts’ Game Innovation Lab, launched Mission: Admission, a Facebook game designed to help underserved students, often the first in their families to aspire to college, navigate the complicated process of applying for… Read More ›

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What Does It Mean to Be Ready for College? has created a beautiful and meaningful infographic: “What does it mean to be ready for college?” While GPAs, course names and admissions tests may represent the surface of readiness, this graphic tries to dissect the elements of college readiness. It’s a nice continuation to this series of posts about higher education.

Is Colleges Still Worth It?

Contrasted with the previous post : A Summary of Online Education on Demand, made another infographic about “Is college still worth it?”  The infographic below attempts to work through this important topic and weigh the pros and cons of going to college. Your goals with going to college can be personal development, learning unique… Read More ›

A Summary of Online Education on Demand just built an infographic organizing all the free or not free online courses for learners. Detailed learning resources are summarized for each provider. It’s definitely an age of education on demand, although there is still concerns and issues. Let’s look forward to a shifted paradigm that will grow with more maturity. Via:

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” -------- Chinese Wisdom "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." -------- Albert Einstein
"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).