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TBR elearningTBR eLearning Initiative is a  central resource to assist educators looking for mobile apps to facilitate the learning process. With a bank of 40,000 educational apps that have been cataloged, reviewed, and approved, a Tennessee initiative hopes to make it easier for educators to leverage mobile learning in the classroom and beyond. (I Education Apps Review) is a community effort to grade educational Apps

App Annie is a service for app analytics, and lists popular educational apps

TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) recommended iPad Apps, over 1000 educational Apps categorized by subjects and level (Google Doc.)

Learning Exchange iPad Apps Review is a list of Apps reviewed by educators from Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

Common Sense Media reviews and ranks digital media like movies, games, books, websites and Apps for youth, check out the review on Apps, their criteria is referring to research result updating.

iPad in Education is a project sponsored by Department of Educational Technology in the School District of Palm Beach County, you can find recommended apps for elementary/middle/high schoolers, and lessen plans, technical resources…, all information about piloting iPad in schools.

iPad Curriculum is a collection of the best in applications, practices, and deployment of the iPad as a learning device.(search by different purposes)

APPitic is a selection of 1300+ education Apps by Apple Distinguished Educators(ADEs) to help you transform teaching and learning. The Apps are well categorized for searching. Also check out Mrs. Alline’s Apps listed according to Bloom’s Taxonomy and purposes.

Mobile Motivation: Learning with Mobile Devices (LiveBinder by Shelley Terrell)

Apps for Teachers and Students (LiveBinder by Toby Price)

iPads in Schools (LiveBinder by Mike Fisher)

iPad Resources for Educators – (LiveBinder by sfecich, divided into students, students with special needs, parents, teachers, administrators)

iPad Learning Studio – recommended Apps and lesson ideas for different subjects

iPad Apps for learning

iPad Learning Objectives : (from

I want my students to record and edit video on the iPad.
I want my students to record and / or edit audio on the iPad.
I want my students to read class content on the iPad.
I want my students to annotate course readings on the iPad
I want my students to be able to use audio books on the iPad.
I want my students to use the iPad as a digital notebook / note-taking device.
I want my students to use their iPads to create screen casts to share and show their understanding.
I want my students to create presentations on the iPad.
I want my students to create digital stories on the iPad.
I want my students to be able to study with the iPad.
I want to use the iPad as a student response system.
I want my students to create written content on the iPad.
I want my students to blog on the iPad.
I want my students to create ePubs / iBooks to read on the iPad.


A tour of some of the great iOS apps available out there for educators by Clint Stephens.


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  1. simplicity and rote learning is also important in the classroom , check out the following android app

  2. Kids love using technology as a break from textbooks. Particularly for mundane tasks like rote learning. Here’s a great educational app for learning GCSE French vocabulary on the Apple App Store:
    Also available for Android devices from Google:
    There are other languages available also.

  3. I recommend this Timeline Eons app, a graphic representation of the entire natural and human history:

  4. Don’t you miss out Apparatus? I believe its exactly what Seymore Papert means by Constructionism. Basically its a mechanical sanbox game to teach kids about physics, mechanics and machines.

  5. Pocket Tutor has mobile educational apps on various platforms. Children can also play online from a web browser –

  6. Have you tried AURALBOOK? I’m a music teacher and it’s my favorite app to use with my students. They love how fun it is and I love how much it improves their listening skills. They can practice at home but have the same attention and feedback that I would give them through AURALBOOK. The interface is really easy to use and it’s free!


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