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OpenEd Free Video Library for Open Web Learning

OpenEd is an effort to collect free educational videos aligned to Common Core State Standards for all teachers and students with internet connection and computers. It’s now accepting user applications into beta release, and of course user feedback. This is their letter for an introduction:

OpenEd helps you find the best videos and other content for your students and your class. Search for lectures based on grade, subject, tags or educational standards. It’s also a great way to learn the Common Core standards, showing them broken down by standard group, grade group, and category. You can also search the standard you need by keyword. Once you have picked a standard we show you recommended videos for each standard. No other service or catalog comes close to providing content for all standards.

OpenEd contains the LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE catalog of free educational videos available ANYWHERE. It is more than ten times the size of the other leading video sources (all of whose content it indexes and makes available). It has all the content of Khan Academy, Learner’s TV, WatchKnowLearn, BrightStorm, Curriki, YouTube’s Teacher’s Site and thousands of Open Access Initiative libraries. And you simply can’t find educational videos aligned to standards or other attributes through a conventional search engine such as Google or YouTube’s search interface.

We offer OpenEd to all teachers and home-schooling parents for free and always will. We also offer an open freely available API to access resources and the standards themselves for use by other developers. There is no other open API for searching standards (they are only available as PDFs) OR for searching educational videos from these sources.

We make ALL of this available open source under MIT license. The catalog itself, the search UI and API, the standards database and the video harvesters are all open source written in modern high performance Ruby and available on github. No other educational catalog or search engine is available open source.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We are committed to transforming education and making standards-based learning easier and more accessible for students everywhere.

Follow us on Twitter at @openedio for the latest news on the beta.

open education resources

This site is from the team at the Open Education Institute (OEI). It‘s purpose is to save parents time and money by providing them with the knowledge, skill and access to use digital learning resources in the home – on demand. So they can help their children succeed in school, college and more importantly – later in life, when they enter the workplace and have to compete in the challenging 21st century for jobs.

Open Education Institute launches affordable seminars to show parents the FREE high-quality Internet education resources that are available, and how to use them in the home. The 3 hour seminars, held on weekends, are called, “Bring the Digital Classroom to Your Home

We agree with OEI’s believe that the doorway to true knowledge for students are parents that know and understand how to interact with their “digital-native” children and the digital world to bring 21st century education resources into the home learning environment.


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