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We partner up with dominKnow to serve education customers. Using its HTML5 compliant authoring tool – Claro, you can author once, then publish into web Apps, your own LMS, SCORM Cloud LMS, native mobile Apps(tablets, smartphones) or download to your computer. Claro publishes to standards compliant HTML, JavaScript, and CSS — taking full advantage of HTML5 when supported by a device’s browser, and intelligently adjusting for older browsers that do not support it.

Claro is one of the earliest adopters of the TinCan API, the newest edition of SCORM. TinCan will allow you to track data in ways you haven’t even thought of yet.

The main features : (no programming required)

Free content assets : 30 characters with different poses and dress styles, more than 100 templates for pages or test questions, a library of stock images for people, speech bubbles, symbols, and clipart

Multi-lingual support : 9 more languages for the Course Player and the entire Claro authoring UI is available in 60+ languages

Actions & Animations : creating an unlimited number of user-initiated or time driven actions and events for media, images and text panels

Interactivity building : triggering the interactions through a variety of tools : Hotspots, buttons, image map

Layers : Layers help you organize and edit complex pages easily and quickly. Show and hide layers, and lock them down when needed.

Branching : Page linking wizard means you can create any course flow experience you want, no more “next” button.

Effects : page transitions, image effects, object animation

Upload or sync media assets : upload images, videos, audios (even bulk load existing libraries); or sync online services like Vimeo, YouTube…

HTML widget : Insert HTML as reusable content widgets directly on any page. Access the Claro course player API to enable interaction of widgets with content playback – control navigation, get user scores and progress, set variables, and more.

Narration and web cam recording Capture audio and video to include in your course right within Claro. Then add in timed events to control other on-screen elements like text or images to create the multimedia experience.

Screen recording and capture : built-in tools for still-image screen captures and screen video recordings

Image editing : Rotate, re-size, crop, make color changes and more, right within Claro. No need to waste time uploading edited files!

Reusable content : Shared Learning Objects, glossaries, pages, test questions across different courses

PowerPoint Import : Use the PowerPoint content you already have to jump start a new course

Flexible test question design : Easily add audio, video or image files or even add buttons and hotspots.

Test behavior controls : Deliver random questions from test question banks, and create pre- and post-tests without doubling up your effort.  From providing instant feedback to controlling test review options, or you can setup pass criteria and how many times learners can try.

User and Role Management : Administrative authors can work on all content, Authors are limited to specific projects, and Reviewers can provide feedback but not make changes.

Integrated review workflow : Claro’s Review process makes it easy to bring in stakeholders to get feedback on any project. Claro compiles all comments and gives you a workflow for tracking their resolution.

Desktop meeting and scheduler : Claro’s desktop sharing includes a built-in meeting manager.

On device realtime preview : Pop open Claro’s On-Device preview at any time when building a course, and see it immediately on your tablet or smartphone.

Built-in support : training, tutorials, knowledge base, help desk and feedback are all built-in inside the authoring environment

Learn More

Demo videos or tutorials

Sample Courses


For education institutions and individuals – for-profit or non-profit, you can get special pricing through us:

50% discount for Professional and Workgroup versions : original $2497/year, $247/month per author , check out this page for pricing vs features.

For other organizations and professionals, please contact us for introductory price or volume price : .

Free Trial

2 weeks free trial of the full feature is available, leave your message on this page, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Our Service

  • (Free!) We provide free consultation on creating curriculum from open contents and provide online PD courses for educators.
  • (Free!) We create page templates designed for education to share with education customers.
  • (Free!) You can market your mobile learning content on this website for free.
  • We can build learning content, templates or themes customized to your needs, or re-design your current digital learning content for interactive mobile learning on touch screens.
  • We can provide programming support to integrate more functionality by calling different APIs.
  • We can provide graphic and animation support for your works, but will help you find useful open source materials first.

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