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Learning Games – Arts and Music

PracticeSpot is a great resource site for music teachers and students, the free tools and resources provide games to learn or practice rhythm, sightreading, notereading, chord and print-out of scales and theory sheets; of course there is dictionary of terms.

The following list is from The Best Online Music Games for Elementary Music Teachers by  Jonathan Wylie

Incredibox encourages composition skills in students, but in a fun and user-friendly way. It can be used with any age of elementary students and still get great results.

The MyBytes Music Mixer allows students to create a five track composition. The interface is simple enough with a selection of loops that are dragged and dropped on the player. Bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and more can be chosen from the sound bank. It is a little more sophisticated than Incredibox. Teachers can also register for curriculum content that will help with instruction.

There are four music games on Classics for Kids to learn basic music fundamentals, including catching rhythms, naming notes, musical samples from great musicians, and a simple composer lets students create music.

BBC’s Maestro is a musical cueing game that puts your students in the shoes of an orchestral conductor. They can choose between a film score and a classical score, and their goal is to correctly cue up the different sections of the orchestra at the right time, and at the right intensity. It takes a little bit of practice, but it is good for building up an understanding of the complexity involved with being a conductor.


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