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Free and Open Source Civilization Game in HTML5 Browser

Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the Stone Age to the Space Age… Freeciv-web can be played online using a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet. Freeciv-web has been optimized… Read More ›

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100 Recommended Search Engines for Serious Scholars

by Staff Writers of : 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars (Revised) Back in 2010, we shared with you 100 awesome search engines and research resources in our post: 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars. It’s been an incredible resource, but now, it’s time for an update. Some services have moved on, others have been… Read More ›


Master Common Core Skills with Free iBook (#History)

How to master Common Core skills in social studies, Peter Pappas made a model of using technologies for nurturing critical thinking skills. Peter Pappas published a free ebook for deeper learning with document-based questions(DBQ) : My latest multi-touch iBook, Progress and Poverty in Industrial America, is available for your iPad – free / iTunes. It’s a great resource… Read More ›

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Big History Project – Building Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning

(from School of Education, University of Michigan) Big History Project is focused on bringing a broad view of history—covering 13.7 billion years from the Big Bang to modern times—to high school students. The course, designed by Bob Bain, associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Education, seeks to help students identify patterns and connections… Read More ›

Teaching With the Library of Congress

Did you know that the Library of Congress has a huge selection of materials designed to be used in the classroom? Muhammad Saleem shared with us an infographic on the classroom materials and professional development resources available at the Library of Congress, first appeared on Please include attribution to with this graphic. Related article : The Teacher’s… Read More ›

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10 Universities with Amazing Online Digital Resources

OEDb(Online Education Database) has complied a great list of 10 Universities with Amazing Online Collections. So many colleges have begun digitizing their collections and putting them online, giving the world access to their amazing resources. Award-winning photographs, ancient manuscripts, original pieces of history and more…   Remember to bookmark the post. Oxford University: The University of… Read More ›

History and Technology – A Perfect Pair

Leveraging technologies to teach, learn, and interpret history is becoming inevitable, it empowers us to think and collaborate in different ways. These are a few examples. Master’s Program in History Pilots Mobile Learning Boise State’s master of applied historical research program is the first at the university to fully implement mobile learning across the curriculum…. Read More ›

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Play and Learn Weekly – Nov.11th, 2012

What’s happening in the convergence of play and learn? News Games Sessions at the Global Education Conference The third annual Global Education Conference will be held next week November 12-16th, and BrainPOP is sponsoring the many game-based learning and game design sessions. This year’s entirely virtual conference has an ambitious schedule filled with over 300 sessions, presented… Read More ›

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Learning History in 2.0 Way – MyHistro

by Mauro Pasi The number of edtech tools available to teacher grows larger and larger everyday. One of the newest addition is MyHistro, a website that lets teachers create free timelines online. Before creating myHistro, the company with Estonian roots (like Skype) had a similar website,, that won them several awards in Estonia. The purpose… Read More ›

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Historical Scene Investigation in Classrooms

The Historical Scene Investigation Project (HSI) was designed for social studies teachers who need a strong pedagogical mechanism for bringing primary sources into their classroom. With the advent and accessibility of the internet, many libraries, universities and government agencies are housing their historical documents online. Simultaneously, there has been a push in K-12 history education… Read More ›

Create “Choose Your Own Adventure” Videos

by Greg Kulowiec, The History 2.0 Classroom(licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA) Last year, along with a class of outstanding 9th grade students, we created French Revolution vs. Egyptian Protest Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) YouTube projects.  I have had a few requests on how to go about making the projects so I put together this video tutorial.  The tutorial… Read More ›

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Learning History by Making History

When we learn Math and Science, we can “play” with it to see how stuffs work. Especially with modern technologies, even it’s not playing appealing learning games, students can do simulations, manipulate factors, observe animations or execute experiments to figure out the patterns and rules. But when learning history, except reading written texts about facts… Read More ›

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Living History: Using Historical Fiction in the Classroom

“Shelley Stout debuts with a novel of characters as compelling as the true story it covers. Like a good reporter, she follows the facts. In this case she not only uncovers a story little known, but more importantly she reveals in her characters, the  humanity of a tragictale.” – Batt Humphreys, former senior producer for CBS News… Read More ›

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” -------- Chinese Wisdom "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." -------- Albert Einstein
"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).