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Find free downloadables about educational reports, resources roundup, article collection, teaching tips, technology tips and Ed-Tech reports to read anytime anywhere, please follow the links below.

21 steps for 21st century 1-to-1 success – from Queensland government

digital textbook, digital textbook playbookDigital Textbook Playbook from FCC – The Digital Textbook Playbook is a guide to help K-12 educators and administrators advance the conversation toward building a rich digital learning experience. This Playbook offers information about determining broadband infrastructure for schools and classrooms, leveraging home and community broadband to extend the digital learning environment, and understanding necessary device considerations. It also provides lessons learned from school districts that engaged in successful transitions to digital learning.

Culture Shift: Teaching In A Learner-Centered Environment Powered By Digital Learning

students own their learningPreparing all students to succeed in today’s increasingly global economy and complex world requires a shift from a teacher-centric culture to learner-centered instruction, according to a new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education. This report examines the characteristics of learner-centered instruction and the support that educators and schools will require to make such an approach work. It argues that a learner-centered approach will not succeed without a cultural shift throughout the education system that includes maximizing the potential of digital learning to meet students’ needs.

professional development

Designing with Teachers: Participatory Approaches to Professional Development in Education

By: Ioana Literat and Erin Reilly
Date: September, 2012
Knowledge is increasingly distributed among numerous and diverse networks. Individuals now have the capacity – and the cultural impetus – to become creative producers of information and cultural products. The quickening pace of technological change means we can barely envision the actual contexts in which our students will use what they are learning in school. Some of the most important contexts will certainly include digital networks of user-generated content that is persistent, searchable, and replicable (boyd, 2008). These networks will feature transactive interactions and shared control (Xenos & Foot, 2007), and aspects of what Jenkins et al. (2006) characterize as “participatory culture:” low barriers to entry, abundant support for creating and sharing, informal mentoring of newcomers, and a strong sense of social connection. Such developments suggest that teachers need to foster “participatory learning” where communities of learners work together to develop conventional academic knowledge alongside newer networked knowledge.

Converge provides strategy and leadership for technology use in the K-12 and higher education market. Their quarterly special reports including: (some issues)

Q3 2012 Special Report: The Blended and Virtual Learning Frontier

Q2 2012 Special Report: The Textbook Reformation and Digital Content

convergeQ1 2012 Special Report: Campus Infrastructure

Q4 2011 Special Report: The Evolving Classroom

2011 Yearbook: Technology Innovation in Education

Q3 2011 Special Report: The Education Dashboard

Q2 2011 Special Report: Mobility and Security

Q1 2011 Special Report:  Digital Teaching and Professional Development

Q4 2010 Special Report: Digital Content and Learning Management Platforms

special report from Faculty focus

If you’re interested in what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to teaching, learning, and leading — both in the traditional classroom and online — the special reports from Faculty Focus have the information you need. Each free report features 10-12 articles and is packed with strategies, tips, and insight on the topics that impact your students, your courses, and your work.

Common Core Standards related resources from, all PDF files free to download, and you download the common core state standard here

edutopia downloadablesFree Classroom Guides and Educational Downloads for 2011 from EDUTOPIA:

NEW! Six Tips for Brain-Based Learning : By understanding how the brain works, educators are better equipped to help K-12 students with everything from focusing attention to increasing retention.

Ten Tips for Classroom Management : Learn how to improve student engagement and build a positive climate for learning and discipline for grades K-12.

Top Ten Tips for Teaching with New Media : Whether you’re new to teaching or a classroom veteran, this resource-packed collection of 10 new media tips provides fresh ideas and easy-to-use tools to engage your students and make learning more collaborative.

Summer Rejuvenation Guide : Whether it’s reading a good book or starting a new hobby, this resource-packed guide highlights ten fun ways to spend your summer.

Top Ten Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning : This classroom guide is intended to inspire and expand your thinking about effective assessment for project-based learning.

Home-to-School Resource Guide : Get tips, tech tools, and strategies for how to strengthen the bonds between schools, families, and communities.

Think Green Guide : This practical guide, filled with inspiring earth-friendly learning projects and classroom-tested resources, will help your school go green.

personalized learning

Selected Education Week coverage on critical issues, all free : 

Spotlight on Personalized Learning

Spotlight on Professional Development

Spotlight on Professional Learning Communities

Spotlight on Data-Driven Decision Making

Back-to-School Spotlights

Spotlight on Reinventing Professional Development

Spotlight on Teacher Evaluation (2011)

Spotlight on Implementing Common Standards (2011)

Spotlight on Implementing Common Standards

Spotlight on Religion in Schools

Spotlight on Science Instruction

Spotlight on Title I

Spotlight on Charter School Research

Spotlight on Charter School Leadership

Spotlight on Creating Readers

Spotlight on Reading Instruction

Spotlight on Response to Intervention

Spotlight on Teacher Evaluation

Spotlight on Middle and High School Literacy

Spotlight on Assessment

Spotlight on Math Instruction

Spotlight on Gifted Education

Spotlight on Bullying

Spotlight on the Achievement Gap

Spotlight on Principals

Spotlight on Dropout Prevention

Spotlight on Technology in the Classroom

Spotlight on E-Learning

Spotlight on Differentiated Instruction

Spotlight on ELLs in the Classroom

Spotlight on ELL Assessment & Teaching

Spotlight on Motivation

Spotlight on Homework

Spotlight on Autism

Spotlight on Parental Involvement

Spotlight on Classroom Management

Spotlight on Tips for New Teachers

Spotlight on Inclusion and Assistive Technology

Spotlight on STEM in Schools

Spotlight on Getting the Most From Your IT Budget

Teaching with Technologies 

The Tech Commandments – are ideas that aim to help educators make the rightchoices when it comes to incorporating educational technology tools in the school setting. (by Adam S. Bellow)

Super Book of Web Tools for Educators by 11 techie educators/ keynote speaakers

Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips & Resources by Shelly Terrell

MakeUseOf Guides – 50 high quality guides covering wide variety of topics. From a dummy guide to build your own computer to an easy encryption guide. All free. (download ePUB)

Google in Education :


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