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20 Ideas to Use Twitter in The Classroom

by  Terry Heick, : 20 Interesting Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom Using social media in a modern learning environment seems easy, but that simplicity is often the result of how we think about it: new ways to accomplish old tasks. Below is a visual spectrum that offers 20 ideas for using twitter in… Read More ›

101 of The Best Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

101 of the best web 2.0 tools for teachers by GoEd Online. Some tools come and go, so it might be a good idea to check out if anything new and useful to you! Several months ago, Jane Hart also compiled a list of “Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012” which were voted for by 500+ learning… Read More ›

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MapStory – Wikipedia Way of Telling Stories on Maps and Timelines

We learn MapStory from Saylor Journals OER Newsletter – “A creative platform that allows you to start your own story or build on another one, with use of maps and time lines as a foundation. Through Creative Commons, this platform is completely free, and it allows you to “share what you know about the world… Read More ›

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[Promotion] Celebrate #Creativity and GlogsterEDU 3rd Birthday

Glogster EDU turns 3 ! 1 Million Teachers    10 Million Students    100 Districts  1,000 Schools Take advantage of this promotion & lock in pricing with a multi-year license! This is a special, one time promotional offer. Purchase our best-selling EDUcator Premium license for $20 per year, or a School License for just 40¢ per student. Order multiple years to lock in this… Read More ›

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Registry of Digital Research Tools

Bamboo DiRT is a tool, service, and collection registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. Developed by Project Bamboo, Bamboo DiRT makes it easy for digital humanists and others conducting digital research to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software. Bamboo DiRT by Project Bamboo is licensed… Read More ›

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Open Source Options For Education from OSS-Watch

by Mark Johnson, OSS-Watch , first published here :  Open Source Options For Education This document presents options for open source software for use in the education sector. Some of these may have uses outside of education, but they are presented here in the context of their specific benefits to educational establishments, or their use in the… Read More ›

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Building a More Web Literate Planet

“Mozillians are people who make things. Moving people from consumption to creation is Mozilla’s goal.” — Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Chair We think Mozilla’s offerings and projects will help a lot on learning based on constructionism and learner-centered methodology. Here are some resources. WebMaker The goal: help millions of people move from using the web to making the web. As part of… Read More ›

Manage Your Own Online Learning ePortfolio for Free

In the age of lifelong learning, we think this tool is really cool for our learning journey! We copy the most important things you need to know about it from . Built on award-winning Mahara software, gives you access to your own, free e-portfolio. You have the freedom to create your own portfolio away from… Read More ›

Self-Directed Learning for Teachers and Kids

How to create your own self-directed learning environment with free online services. Do you have personal learning network(PLN)? Or, maybe it’s only personal information network. The web has small pieces of loosely joined. How to structure your learning effectively? This is a presentation for all life-long learners. Related reading: The future belongs to those who… Read More ›

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Connecting Educators and Programmers

Recently, MindShift gave a write-up about “The Rise of Educator-Entrepreneurs: Bringing Classroom Experience to Ed-Tech“. While we see this trend grows, the reason behind it is simple: “Teachers are usually the last people to be consulted on many of these education technology companies.” Even we can see new EdTech sites emerging everyday, not every newly minted site… Read More ›

Top 100 Tools for Learning from C4LPT (2012)

The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (C4LPT), hosted by Jane Hart, is a free resource site on the use of new technologies for learning and performance. Since 2007, she has been summarizing on the best 100 learning tools by collecting opinions from professional experts each year. The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 were… Read More ›

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A New ERA of Glogster EDU

Glogster EDU is a popular web2.0 tool in classrooms, educators and students can create and share multimedia e-posters for their projects easily. After more than 20,000,000 Glogs were created using the 2nd Generation Glog tool (we call it “Classic Glog”), Glogster EDU now has a whole new process of creation that is simpler and faster… Read More ›

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13 Suggestions on Student Blogging

by John T. Spencer, This is my seventh year of having students create their own blogs. Initially, the student blogs were nothing more than a class journal posted online. However, over time, they became a place for student voice. They evolved as my thinking about blogging evolved. So, here is what I’ve learned along the… Read More ›

Top 10 Glogs for Professional Development

by Beth Crumpler, from Adaptive Learnin (a guest post on Glogster EDU blog) I have written several posts about Glogster EDU on my own blog, so I am  thrilled to be asked to contribute as a guest blogger. After brainstorming for a while and searching through Glogster EDU’s website for writing ideas, I came across some fabulous Glogs that contain web… Read More ›

20 U.S. Schools Innovating with Technologies

Co-written by Tom Vander Ark and Sarah Cargill , (20 Schools Innovating With Digital Tools) Hans Renman in Stockholm (@tankom_hans) asked on Twitter, “Do you know any US schools that are REALLY using digital tools in an INTERESTING way for communication, marketing, or learning?” That tweet kicked off a few days of snooping around. Here… Read More ›

3 Video Game Building Tools for Kids

Imagine a world where all knowledge is playable. People dream about changing the world but they lack the skills to get their dream jobs. Getting an education is hard and procrastinating by playing games is much more fun. What if gaming became learning? Primer makes games that teach real skills and lead to real career opportunities. –… Read More ›

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10 Powerful Tools for Your Toolbox of 21st-Century Learning

by Susan Lucille Davis, from : How to Build A Basic Toolbox for 21st-Century Learning I remember exactly how I felt when I put together my first real toolbox. The gray no-nonsense plastic container, made by Rubbermaid, would house the essential tools I needed now that I was twenty-something and on my own. I bought a hammer,… Read More ›

25 Ways and 40 Examples of Using Social Media to Enhance Learning

Social media has become a part of our daily life, although Twitter wasn’t designed with teaching in mind but Rosie Miles finds it an ideal way to encourage students to get under the skin of academic texts. Here she explains how: Teaching with Twitter: how the social network can contribute to learning. I am a senior lecturer in English… Read More ›

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Learning History in 2.0 Way – MyHistro

by Mauro Pasi The number of edtech tools available to teacher grows larger and larger everyday. One of the newest addition is MyHistro, a website that lets teachers create free timelines online. Before creating myHistro, the company with Estonian roots (like Skype) had a similar website,, that won them several awards in Estonia. The purpose… Read More ›


DIY Scavenger Hunt in Library

Anne Burke, Undergraduate Instruction & Outreach Librarian at NCSU Libraries writes for ACRL’s TechConnect blog about “Demystifying the Library with Game-Based Mobile Learning”. It is a great case study of how the NCSU Libraries created a mobile scavenger hunt to engage students while teaching them about the library’s space and services. Without budget for the out-of-the-box… Read More ›

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ICT for Visual Learners – Tools, Resources and LMS

Visual learners are those whose prefered learning style (in a learning situation) is what they see. These learner like seeing teachers body language and facial expressions, pictures, illustrations, diagrams, posters, cartoons, collages, slide shows, TV Shows, videos, flowcharts, coloring books, graphs, charts, maps, flash cards, underlining and highlighting. So these forms are more effective for them to catch… Read More ›

Little Books of Super Tools for Technology ideas

What’s the most important determinant factor in the success of digital classrooms? We will say… those techie teachers who use technology tools like breathing air and drinking water. Without them, digital textbooks or cool devices won’t make any difference. We really appreciate so many e-Teachers as Technology Trailblazers. This embedded document is produced by Mark Anderson for a… Read More ›

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Effective Education Fosters Experiences Provoking Quality Reflections

“Effective Schools Foster Experiences Provoking Reflection” – from Peter Pappas, one of our favorite bloggers – this saying is well correlated with our education ideal of learner-centered learning with autonomy. We think it might be helpful to pull some good resources about quality reflection here. In an effort to help schools become more reflective learning environments, Peter… Read More ›

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Free Web 2.0 Tools to Support Your Search and Research

Increasingly more researchers are integrating Web 2.0 technologies with research methods (data driven instruction) as they examine barriers and potential solutions for systemic issues in their individual educational practice. However, while there are a multitude of tools, which tools are appropriate? (from G. Andrew Page) This is a useful and must-have list by: G. Andrew Page,… Read More ›

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10 Tips to Nurture Global Education in Classrooms

As classrooms get more technologies installed and connected to internet, the opportunities are not only accessing to abundant knowledge on-demand, but also flattening the walls of classrooms easily. There are free tools at your disposal to make synchronous or asynchronous interactions around the world. We’ve posted about Blogging to Flatten Digital Classrooms. If your students haven’t… Read More ›

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Effective Technology Integration Demonstrated

Robin Neal teaches English at Beaver Country Day School, a progressive, independent school in the Boston area. He has also taught in public and international schools and has experience at all levels from grades 6-12. He is particularly interested in technology in the classroom and how it can be used to create more dynamic, authentic… Read More ›

Effective Technology Integration Demonstrated

Robin Neal teaches English at Beaver Country Day School, a progressive, independent school in the Boston area. He has also taught in public and international schools and has experience at all levels from grades 6-12. He is particularly interested in technology in the classroom and how it can be used to create more dynamic, authentic… Read More ›

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Collaborative Digital Storytelling in Education

There are many good tools which enable collaborative digital storytelling for education purpose. By putting students in the role of storytellers, they become engaged and take the ownership of their own learning. Also they can learn how to utilize technologies which are becoming more important than ever in 21st century. Here are some great examples. The art… Read More ›

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The World Is Flat, and So Are The Classrooms

The World Is Flat, and So Are The Classrooms. This is a guest blog post from Instructify under CC-BY-NC license. It will show you how to facilitate an international classroom through digital technologies. ***** Instructifeature: International classroom collaboration on the worldwide web  by AARON FOWLES The classroom walls have tumbled down. While students in traditional classrooms have been limited… Read More ›

Why Teachers Should be Blogging or Glogging ?

We’ve talked about Teachers’ sharing enables doing more with less in education. We like to quote two excellent articles from two education leaders for this advocacy. The first one is from Justin Tarte blog : 10 reasons to get educators blogging… First off, the 5 reasons that educators should start reading blogs : Blogs are the heart of learning and… Read More ›

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” -------- Chinese Wisdom "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." -------- Albert Einstein
"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).