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learn classical music with iPad app

Play and Learn Classical Music (#iPadchat, #edapps)

Imagine that you can listen to famous short classical pieces performed by world-class musicians, and watch a story unfold with the melody. Imagine that you can paint to the music, or play maze games, or have illustrated characters come alive at your fingertips. Imagine that you can learn about classical music and increase your IQ… Read More ›

A Tour through Open Source Creative Tools

by Máirín Duffy (Red Hat), from (licensed under CC BY-SA)  Image credits: Flickr user Leszek.Leszczynski Every tool in this talk is available via Fedora 17, the latest version of Fedora. Here’s a quick rundown of the tools represented in this talk. MyPaint and Krita are fantastic sketching apps that feature natural-feeling digital brushes. Darktable is a raw image processing… Read More ›

digital storytelling

Inanimate Alice – Digital Storytelling and Creating Your Own

Inanimate Alice is a digital novel (with text, images, sound, and interaction) narrated by a girl named Alice who travels the world with her family and her virtual friend Brad. There are so much teachers and students can do with it. Copied from its recent flyer : Nurturing Old and New Literacies Teachers around the… Read More ›

interactive fiction, text adventure

Making Interactive Fictions in Classrooms

Making games in the classroom could be daunting to get started, especially when graphics and interfaces are involved. So creating text adventures (or interactive fictions, IF) is a great start for building the capacity of game design and traditional literacy – reading and writing.  Anastasia Salter of ProfHacker selected some free tools sutiable for classrooms. Make Games in the… Read More ›

Glogster EDU, creativity

[Promotion] Celebrate #Creativity and GlogsterEDU 3rd Birthday

Glogster EDU turns 3 ! 1 Million Teachers    10 Million Students    100 Districts  1,000 Schools Take advantage of this promotion & lock in pricing with a multi-year license! This is a special, one time promotional offer. Purchase our best-selling EDUcator Premium license for $20 per year, or a School License for just 40¢ per student. Order multiple years to lock in this… Read More ›

flipped classroom

Flip a Class and Create a Movie

by John Hardison, this article first published on : Flip a Class & Create a Movie: A Dream Come True Proudly, I am a teacher and a dreamer. With all discrepancies of skills and talents set aside, I relate to Steven Spielberg in at least one area: I, too, “dream for a living.” I dream of… Read More ›

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Originally posted on Text Adventures Blog:
Cross-posted to Gamasutra. This blog post is based on part of my AdventureX talk from December – hopefully a video of that will be available soon. Every couple of weeks, it seems, another games journalist writes an article about how they’ve rediscovered the long lost art of the text…

The Value of Remixing in Learning

Remixing enables participation, and thus encourages creativity, ownership, and collaboration. In the following MIT video from an conference in 2007, the value of remixing in learning and examples were discussed. MIT’s studies on this new media literacy and the opportunity for digital learning started so many years ago, but we haven’t seen it is applied… Read More ›

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Originally posted on TED Blog:
In the information age we have access to more data and knowledge than at any previous point in human history. But more accessible data doesn’t necessarily mean more processable data — tax returns, court cases and newspaper archives may be available to the public, but they are often hard to…

interactive video

Creating Videos for Interactive Learning Experience on Screen

Flipped classrooms and online learning are here to stay, even explode. Watching videos is a crucial part for the learning. To be honest, watching videos on the screens often makes me sleepy unless the videos are more like a performance instead of lecturing. But of course a performance is a kind of visual arts appealing… Read More ›

online video creation

Building a More Web Literate Planet

“Mozillians are people who make things. Moving people from consumption to creation is Mozilla’s goal.” — Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Chair We think Mozilla’s offerings and projects will help a lot on learning based on constructionism and learner-centered methodology. Here are some resources. WebMaker The goal: help millions of people move from using the web to making the web. As part of… Read More ›

educational technology

UNESCO launches online course in Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue

(news from UNESCO website) UNESCO supports the Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and Intercultural Dialogue University Network in the launch of an online course in MIL and intercultural dialogue. The course is designed for teachers, policy makers and professionals. It is led by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and will be offered over 13… Read More ›

game-based learning

10 Ways Augmented Reality Could Change Learning Experience

By  Ken Myers, first appeared on : How Augmented Reality Can Change Teaching The technology behind Augmented Reality is taking a real-world view and enhancing it with computer-generated imagery. Whether this is done by using a computer monitor and camera or fitted goggles to imprint imagery in the lenses, augmenting in this manner has great… Read More ›

Introduction to Creative Commons

What’s Creative Commons license? Foter has made this introductory infographic for you!

game-based learning

What’s Your Dream Classroom?

What’s your dream classroom? Enter Susan Fisher’s course site, what welcomes you is the epic music and visuals. The not too distant future is in your hands! Cool! During the Global Education Conference, Susan Fisher, Talented and Gifted Department Coordinator, Ridgeview I.B. Charter School, Fulton County Schools, Atlanta Georgia shared with us how she uses game-based… Read More ›

digital storytelling

30 Storytelling Tips For Educators: How To Capture Your Student’s Attention

Storytelling has been around as long as humankind. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate an important truth to another person. It is a connection point between two people. It gives meaning, context, and understanding in a world that is often filled with chaos and disorder. Because of this, educators must use… Read More ›

ipad book report

Student-Created Sequoyah Book Reports, AudioBoo, iPads and QR Codes

from Yukon Public School – Learning Showcase Fourth and fifth grade students at Independence Elementary School in Yukon Public Schools are sharing their learning as well as excitement for library books this year in a unique, highly digital way that is not only fun, but also meets Oklahoma’s new Common Core State Standards for literacy. Students are recording short, oral book… Read More ›

game-based learning

Interactive Story-based Learning Makes Learning Affective

A KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM WHITEPAPER – 2006 Abstract The attempt in this paper is to look at how to build effective and affective learning content for the workplace learning. Most learning in the workplace occurs in the context of situations that people find themselves in and their responses to these situations. The paper explains the basics… Read More ›

student blogging

13 Suggestions on Student Blogging

by John T. Spencer, This is my seventh year of having students create their own blogs. Initially, the student blogs were nothing more than a class journal posted online. However, over time, they became a place for student voice. They evolved as my thinking about blogging evolved. So, here is what I’ve learned along the… Read More ›

Augmented Reality, teaching History

Augmented Reality History Tour Created by Students

by Greg Wimmer, from Peter Pappas blog This guest post is written by Greg Wimmer, Central York (PA) High School. I met Greg at TechitU and was impressed by the projects skillful integration of technology and community involvement into the history classroom. Greg’s guest post follows: As the Advanced Placement exam season draws to an end in early… Read More ›

10 Visualization Tools Selected by Educator for Educator

by Ellyssa Kroski, iLibrarian of Data visualization and infographics tools are a great way to keep students and readers engaged. Here are ten free applications which will enable you to create your own infographics, maps, graphs, charts, and diagrams: Creately The free version of Creately enables users to design and store 5 diagrams which can include Venn diagrams,… Read More ›

Remix Culture as an Educator’s Habit

Judy O’Connell is a lecturer in Faculty of Education at Charles Sturt University, she is also in Advisory Board for Horizon K-12 Project. She likes to talk with you for 10 minutes about creativity, creative commons, and working with images in online spaces. Whether it’s blogging, creating presentations teachers need to be able to work quickly, with excitement, and be… Read More ›

flipped classroom, teaching video platform

5 Innovations to Support Flipped Classrooms

There are several good news for educators who are flipping their classrooms. These new growing trends reveal not only learning anytime and anywhere, but also teaching anytime and anywhere. New tools and platforms are coming to help flipping classrooms easier, and help learning personalized. And as mobile learning with consumption of media increases, more innovations are possibly… Read More ›

75 Free or Open Source Resources for Remixing

Nothing is original, says Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix. From Bob Dylan to Steve Jobs, he says our most celebrated creators borrow, steal and transform. — from TED talk What’s a remix? In Kirby Ferguson’s view, any piece of art that contains a recognizable reference to another work–a quote from a lyric,… Read More ›

Create “Choose Your Own Adventure” Videos

by Greg Kulowiec, The History 2.0 Classroom(licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA) Last year, along with a class of outstanding 9th grade students, we created French Revolution vs. Egyptian Protest Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) YouTube projects.  I have had a few requests on how to go about making the projects so I put together this video tutorial.  The tutorial… Read More ›

interactive fiction

Text Adventures in Classrooms (and a free HTML5 writing App)

My kids love “choose your own adventure” stories (called “text adventures” or “interactive fiction” or IF). Don’t think they all were born bookworms. The little one with short attention span can spend hours playing with Frotz (free IF iOS app) or Choice of Games. Because this kind of stories breaks the reading into short chunks, and takes the full… Read More ›

transforming learning through technology

102 Stories(Educators) of Transforming Learning Through Technologies

Starting from today,  July 31 through Aug.1, 102 finalists will showcase the creative ways they are transforming learning through technology in Redmond, Wash. Representing 25 states, they were selected to attend the Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 U.S. Forum. According to press release from Microsoft, an unprecedented number of applications were submitted this year. These projects across the Pre-K–12 spectrum… Read More ›

Video Games and Storytelling

Being a great digital storyteller himself, Wesley Fryer highlighted this excellent video lecture series as a gem about gaming and storytelling recently. It’s really fun and inspiring. Daniel Floyd’s ten minute YouTube video, “Video Games and Storytelling,” is a video lecture you won’t soon forget. Reminiscent of “RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates… Read More ›

iBooks Author, publish textbooks

Apple is Changing the Way We Learn

iBooks Author has a great potential in education. Teachers can create customized iBooks for students to read, or use those iBooks along with courses on iTunes U, and students can make iBooks as an assessment or presentation for learning topics. On the other hand, iTunes U will become a convenient tool at teachers’ disposal. Apple… Read More ›

Creative Animation about Reading Wins Oscar

Yesterday my kids went to bed with excitement because their favorite animation short film – The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore -just won an Oscar statue (Best Animated Short film)! Blended with computer animation and traditional hand-drawing, the 15-minutes film was made made by Moonbot Studios, a fledgling animation shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. Moonbot’s founders (William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg and Lampton… Read More ›

Taxonomy of reflection

Effective Education Fosters Experiences Provoking Quality Reflections

“Effective Schools Foster Experiences Provoking Reflection” – from Peter Pappas, one of our favorite bloggers – this saying is well correlated with our education ideal of learner-centered learning with autonomy. We think it might be helpful to pull some good resources about quality reflection here. In an effort to help schools become more reflective learning environments, Peter… Read More ›

blurb mobile, blurb

Blurb: Multimedia iPad/iPhone App For ALL Learners To Show What They Know

Paul Hamilton works as an assistive technology consultant in the public school system on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He is constantly on the lookout for free options for supporting universal access and universal design for learning. Moreover, free learning resource links are curated. His blog content on “Free Resources from the Net for EVERY Learner” is open… Read More ›

reflection in learning

Students Reflect on Their Own Learning

We are always talking about the ideal education should be a learner-centered setting. Learners can be in charge of their learning with options to different paths and paces. Learners will participate in the designing of their learning processes. So the first thing of all is that they have their voices heard. More and more teachers… Read More ›

Effective Technology Integration Demonstrated

Robin Neal teaches English at Beaver Country Day School, a progressive, independent school in the Boston area. He has also taught in public and international schools and has experience at all levels from grades 6-12. He is particularly interested in technology in the classroom and how it can be used to create more dynamic, authentic… Read More ›

creative commons search

Copyright and Copyright-Free in Digital Classrooms

Many teachers share that when their students are asked to do some kinds of transformation on what they are learning and to produce their creations, the learning will happen with a deeper effectiveness. That’s why many education innovators advocate on authentic publishing experience for students. As we expect our students become active learners from consuming information… Read More ›

MathTrain, students teach students

Digital Storytelling – Students Teaching Students

What students can do in their learning process ? They can be storytellers ! You will be amazed by what these students have done. Mr. Avery’s Student Math Movie wiki hosts introductory videos all created by students in 6th grade. The students picked a topic they felt they could teach to others so they ended up creating videos… Read More ›

mixbook, digital storytelling

Collaborative Digital Storytelling in Education

There are many good tools which enable collaborative digital storytelling for education purpose. By putting students in the role of storytellers, they become engaged and take the ownership of their own learning. Also they can learn how to utilize technologies which are becoming more important than ever in 21st century. Here are some great examples. The art… Read More ›

YouBooker, a book is a community

A Book Is A Community

You are what you think. You are what you read. You are what you do. You are what you publish.   You might express yourself through writing, drawing, photography, scrapbook, animation, comic, singing, talking, video and filming even gaming  …… storytelling is 21st century has so many ways.   A book in 21st century could… Read More ›

Print on Demand, digital publishing

Using Print on Demand to Publish Your Own Books

Print on demand is a service getting very mature because of digital publishing revolution, it is also an excellent tool for education. This guest blog post from Peter Pappas will tell you some examples. ***** Using Print on Demand to Publish Your Own Books New print technologies make it very easy to publish your own… Read More ›

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” -------- Chinese Wisdom "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." -------- Albert Einstein
"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).