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We are Moving!

August 30, 2013

Dear readers, To provide more services to our customers/followers, in the upcoming weekend, we will move our site – from hosted blog on to wordpress self-hosted blog. is a wonderful platform, we don’t want to leave. But we are in a transition to our next step. The change of nameservers might cause… Read More ›

The Debate about The Core Curriculum

By Jakayla Mullin and his team Source: Best College Reviews The relationship between Core Curriculum and college preparedness Most educational experts agree that common core curriculum is not the solution to closing the achievement gap. Too bad politicians are the ones with a final say. Common Core Curriculum is meant to be an equalizing force… Read More ›

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Online Ivy-League Education without the Ivy-League Price (#MOOC)

By Lucy Weiland MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provide Ivy-League education without the Ivy-League price. The courses cover topics all across the educational spectrum, from algebra to zoology and everywhere in between. You can take one anytime, anywhere, from any computer or device. More than perhaps any other form of education, you truly get out of it… Read More ›

Gumroad wants to make selling content as easy as sharing content

Originally posted on Gigaom:
When I first met Sahil Lavingia, the CEO of Gumroad, and he explained that his company makes it easy to sell things online, I didn’t immediately understand why that was a service people needed. After all, you can sell things in a lot of places: eBay, Etsy or Craigslist. You could…

YouTube Founders Introduce MixBit To Crack The Code Of Video Editing On Mobile

You are presented with a feed of videos and select which one you want to watch based on its title and thumbnail. The main difference with YouTube is that it’s 100 percent user generated content. You won’t find a movie trailer or a music video on MixBit. MixBit is available on iOS now.

New MIT software makes it easier to design complex 3D printed objects

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Most consumer 3D printers print in hard plastic. That’s suitable for creating cups and little figurines, but many objects can’t be printed because they require different materials. More complex objects that can be printed in plastic are very difficult to create with existing design programs because of the level of detail…

How Many Apps Should You Make to Create a Killer App?

Say you’re a mobile app developer trying to maximize your chances of striking gold with that one killer app. How many apps should you make? Four? Six? A dozen? The answer—if you’re making a non-game app—is: one. If you’re making a mobile game, however, you should make a lot more than that. This is one… Read More ›

New research on game-based learning shows that games can impact positively on problem solving skills, motivation and engagement.

Originally posted on Gaming and Education:
In a new study, conducted by The National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales (NFER) found that game-based learning shows that “games can impact positively on problem solving skills, motivation and engagement.” The researchers from (NFER) write that; “The role of video games in teaching and learning…

Michael Boezi – Creating Good Content: Considerations for Educators

See on – Open Educational Resources (OER) This article is the first of a series of “Considerations for Content Creators,” focused on educators—Real Teachers who want to do more with their content. Once you’ve decided to go for it, you can start slowly. But, you need a simple mind shift first. Today, your audience… Read More ›

Summer Course Authoring Tool Rankings – Top Ten

Originally posted on By Craig Weiss:
The summer is nearly upon us (or in LA it is already here) which means you can expect the following in your hometown Annoying summer related songs – from Cruel Summer to Summertime and everything else Big blockbuster movies – some that will make you cheer and others that…

Buzz, badges and leader boards – just what is gamification anyway?

8 bullet points about gamification in education from National Foundation For Educational Research(NFER). The NFER blog By Carlo Perrotta of Futurelab at NFER In my previous post I discussed the tension between innovation and formal schooling, and in our recent report we consciously kept to discussion of evidence relating to game-based learning in the context… Read More ›

BrowserQuest Is A Massively-Multiplayer Adventure Game Written In HTML5

Since BrowserQuest is written in HTML5/JavaScript, it is available across a lot of different browsers and platforms. The game can be played in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. With WebSockets enabled, it’s also playable in Opera. Moreover, it’s compatible with iOS devices, as well as tablets and phones running Firefox for Android.

Crunch, Crunch, CrunchU: Course Registration Is Now Open

We have a certain bias for startups, no surprise, but there is lots of other brain candy in the course mix too, like starter courses on Android and iOS, Ruby and jQuery, as well as gamification, programming for non-programmers, SEO, and in case you just want to have fun, digital photography.

A map of learning theories

Learning Theory Map

From Ana Cristina Pratas‘s we came across this visualized map of learning theories. Enjoy! Link : From curator: This Concept Map, created with IHMC CmapTools, has information related to: Learning Theory, zone of proximal development The area of capabilities that learners can exhibit with support from a teacher., Montessori constructivism, Lave & Wenger… gregmhagar‘s curator… Read More ›

Froont wants to solve many-screen design problems from within the browser

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Froont, a Baltic-U.S. startup, has released a public beta of its in-browser responsive web design tool, which aims to automate front-end development for the benefit of designers. Responsive web design is all the rage right now: it basically means designing a website so that it renders nicely across a variety of…

What Are You Doing to Inspire Your Learners’ Moonshot Thinking?

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
Your art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challenging the status quo, and changing people. — Seth Godin From the video: We are a species of moonshot thinking – People can…

Top 10 Presentations at SXSW 2013

by Ellyssa Kroski,  (licensed under CC BY) South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin each spring. The SXSW Interactive event is focused on emerging technology and has a reputation for top-notch presentations on the latest trends and innovations. Here are the ten most popular presentations from the conference… Read More ›

Four Pillars of Successful Communities of Practice

Originally posted on All of us are smarter than any of us…:
Every so often, it’s good to revisit some of the fundamentals of knowledge management and reflect on their continuing importance to the field.   I’ve been working with several different groups on Communities of Practice and Networks this month, and have taken each group back…

special needs

The World Used to be a Quieter Place

by Karina Barley I wanted to share briefly my thoughts on sensory issues.  I’m not sure how many people are completely aware of how much of a problem this issue is for many kids who are on the spectrum.  Many of the ‘negative behaviours’ exhibited I believe can be hugely linked to sensory based issues. … Read More ›

Running on Empty? 25 Tricks to Jumpstart Routine Lessons

Over the years, I’ve noticed how one question can change the dynamics of any situation. Everything might be moving along quite nicely at the dinner table, everyone’s happy and laughing but one question can send those same smiling faces into a frenzy of shouts and upset. This also holds true in a classroom. Students may be working… Read More ›

autism, special education

Help The Unique Minds in Digital Era – Project Autism

“The unique individuals who are on the Autistic Spectrum vibrate on a totally different frequency; they orientate within their environment in a very unique way to us; their senses are heightened in a variety of ways which makes the world a profound sensory minefield for them; and most importantly they are misunderstood by society where… Read More ›

A Message from 2038 – Help Education!

This is a fictional narration. You can watch it on Xtranormal. (sorry, wordpress stripes the embed codes) Help Education by: JessieChuang ~~~~~ It’s 2038. I am sending this message back to you, I hope some of you could help our education going in the right direction into digital learning age so that we won’t lose… Read More ›

Special Education 101 Infographic

According to USC RossierOnline : Although special education began in the 1950s as a movement to win individuals with disabilities a free and quality education, it has today come to embrace the ideal of inclusion, with many students with disabilities being taught in general classrooms alongside their non-disabled peers. Thus, as fully inclusive classrooms become more of… Read More ›

comedy in classroom

Comedy in the Classroom: 50 Ways to Bring Laughter into any Lesson

During a recent class session, my students stared at me with blank expressions, glassy eyes, pasty and pale skin, and jowls drooping. I think I even saw a string of saliva hanging from the corner of one student’s mouth. I was reviewing plot structure. It was perfect except for the fact that I was boring… Read More ›

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Originally posted on Educating Lotus:
You might like to know about two game-based learning MOOCs (massively open online courses) that you can sign up for now. Like all MOOCs they are free and the level of participation is up to you. Games MOOC III. When you click this link, you’ll see the following overview of…

20 Quick Actions You Can Do Today To Set Your Classroom Up For Massive Success

When the school year begins, teachers spend a lot of time getting the classroom ready, planning lessons, and getting to know his/her students. The following list includes 20 ideas that you may not have thought of in terms of a successful classroom arrangement or organization. Each item takes no longer than an hour and can… Read More ›

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Google Reader has been a part of our daily lives for years. It’s a loyal friend, selflessly serving up the best of the Internet and filtering all the nonsense. But soon it will be gone. Find some alternative suggestions here.

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Originally posted on Using Civilization IV for Learning:
The last week of our class’ work with this computer game, the students were tasked to utilize the game to present real-world international conflicts. Normal gameplay in Civilization IV replicates concepts in international relations, but not actual events. However, by the use of player-made modifications and the…

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Originally posted on Doing by Learning (and vice versa):
It is a good season for “MOOCs”, Massive Open Online Courses, and you can spot several of them in full action. But the term “MOOC” has come to cover a range of wildly different  kinds of ehm… learning events. Indeed, for some of these, “course”, might…

The Problem of Students’ Texting

How does an increased reliance on text messaging and techspeak is destroying our writing and verbal communication skills? Research suggests the use of abbreviations, word substitutions, acronyms, and emoticons, are all major contributors to this decline. Muhammad Saleem made this infographic to raise the awareness of this issue. We should understand the benefits and drawbacks of students’ using mobile devices so that… Read More ›

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Originally posted on Learning Through Play & Technology:
by Hap Aziz In conversations regarding the use of games within contexts of education, there is often great enthusiasm for the transformative potential of integrating computer games in the teaching and learning environment. Kurt Squire has observed that good games allow students to explore a wide range…

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Kno just released a free tool – Advance, which the company is calling an “interactive learning platform,” comprises three individual components designed to help publishers quickly convert their documents to interactive textbooks, then enhance those textbooks with additional functionality.

The Achievement Gap [Infographic]

An Infographic by Open Colleges


Learning Creative Learning

The MIT Media Lab & P2PU Present… A course for designers, technologists, and educators interested in creative learning: Learning Creative Learning. Learning Creative Learning is offered by Mitch Resnick, who is the director of Lifelong Kindergarten and the LEGO Papert Professor at the MIT Media Lab. He has been a pioneer in technology & learning for… Read More ›

Study Proves Classroom Design Really Does Matter

News from University of Salford  In a pilot study by the University of Salford and architects, Nightingale Associates, it was found that the classroom environment can affect a child’s academic progress over a year by as much as 25%. The year-long pilot study was carried out in seven Blackpool LEA primary schools. 34 classrooms with differing… Read More ›

DigitalWish – Your Wishes for Digital Classroom Come True

Digital Wish is the edtech DonorsChoose. They have fulfilled more than 30,000 classroom wishes, here is the story from their press kit. ***** In 2006, Digital Wish founder Heather Chirtea’s 7-year-old twins were enrolled in a small, rural elementary school on the brink of closure. In order to keep the school open and preserve its small class sizes, 62… Read More ›

google+ edtech accounts

30+ Google+ Accounts and Communities to Follow

More professionals are making use of Google+ accounts and communities for its ease of usage and integration with Google Apps. We also see Google is providing more services for education, including the Google Course Builder on which Google offers its Power Search MOOC courses.(new course will start in this week) had pulled together a recommendation… Read More ›

literacy projects

25 Literacy Projects Around the World

This post was first published on : 25 Inspiring Literacy Projects Around the World. A literate, educated society is a safer, healthier, and more prosperous society. So promoting reading, writing, and other academic subjects stands as crucial to keeping humanity from wrecking itself before it checks itself. Local, national, and global initiatives lead the way in… Read More ›

Which Study Strategies Are Proven Effective by Psychological Science ?

(Press Release from Association for Psychological Science) Report finds several popular study strategies are ineffective; effective study strategies are underused Students everywhere, put down those highlighters and pick up some flashcards! Some of the most popular study strategies — such as highlighting and even rereading — don’t show much promise for improving student learning, according to… Read More ›

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Fed up, Gov. Jerry Brown has given his blessing to popular online course platform, Udacity, to partner with San Jose State University for the ultra-low cost online lower-division and remedial classes. The tiny pilot of algebra and statistics courses will be limited to just 300 students, half from SJSU and half from high schools and… Read More ›

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” -------- Chinese Wisdom "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." -------- Albert Einstein
"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).