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5 Easy Steps to #Gamifying #HighereEd

August 16, 2013

by Justin Marquis Ph.D. It’s time to get the party started with gamification in higher education. Maybe it’s the liberating feeling of the summer, or the fact that it is the perfect time for some educators to make improvements to their curriculums. Maybe I’m just sick of waiting for the gamification movement to bloom on its… Read More ›


3 Things about #Gamification of Education and Training – So True

Gamification isn’t just adding points, badges and terms onto the current curriculum. 3 Things I Wish Everyone Knew about Gamification from Remixing College English made good points about gamification for education and training. It’s an excellent article, you could follow the blog if you are serious about transforming your course through leveraging the ideas from gaming. ***** #1: Schooling is… Read More ›

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Increasing Engagement and Motivation through an Additive Grading System and Mastery Based Progression (#Gamification)

Rob Steller, Founder, Stellar Learning Innovations, LLC (makers of ClassXP) “Good morning, you all have an F.”    –    Lee Sheldon, Multiplayer Classroom In a way, the current education system is already set up like a game – just not a very well designed one. Students earn points (grades), gain levels (grades), and in… Read More ›

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The Core of Gamification for Education

Gamification for education might be a new term emerged in recent years. It represents the teaching practices that learn from good games. But some great educators probably have implemented the same philosophy in their learning activity design. This week Kevin Miklasz published 2 articles around this topic worth your reading. In the first post, he grouped James Gee’s… Read More ›

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Gamify Your Class with Moodle (#Gamification)

Some readers might wonder how well Learning Management System (LMS) could be integrated with gamifying mechanism after all the buzz about gamification. Moodleroom has explored why you might want to gamify your classroom, examples of gamification, and how to gamify with Moodle in this post : Best Practices: Gamify Your Class with Moodle. Activity completion and… Read More ›

A Rubric for Gamification of Learning?

Originally posted on EdTech Insider:
Grace Windsheimer teaches Computer Applications Online at Columbia Gorge Community College in Oregon. Grace recently designed two new introductory computer applications courses in 3D GameLab, a quest-based learning platform that uses game mechanics likes quests, rewards, badges, and player cards to support personalized and mastery learning. Her school is a…

Transforming Education with #Gamification: The Past, Present and Future (#GBL)

The education industry is in transition – from the obvious changes being wrought at the university level to wrenching, systemic transformation at K-12 in the United States. At the same time, educators are no strangers to games and gamification — they’ve long been used in the classroom. But if it’s such a powerful tool, why… Read More ›

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10 Findings About Game-Based Learning (#GBL)

by Karl Kapp These are my slides from my fill-in session at the ASTD Evidence-Based Learning Conference. It was a great conference filled with wonderful questions, ideas and thoughts. 10 Take-Aways for serious game designers, educators and trainers :

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Successful Story of Driving KM through #Gamification

There are some successful stories of gamification in enterprises that we can learn from. Here is one example from the article written by Conor Leeson : Driving KM behaviors and adoption through gamification. The same ideas might be applied in education organization as well. A briefing of the essentials is here: Key Behaviors Accenture began leveraging a gamification… Read More ›

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Game Over – Try Again – Level Up (#GBL)

Creating effective classroom experiences through game-based mechanics and community, it works for children as well as adults. How I turned my classroom into a ‘living video game’—and saw achievement soar Teacher : Joli Barker Students : second graders School : Earl H. Slaughter Elementary School in McKinney, Texas I began the transformation of my classroom by looking at… Read More ›


Open Badges and 7 Strategies To Use Badges for Learning

Yesterday, Mozilla just released version 1.0 of its Open Badges standard, which offers digital badges in reward for verifiable achievements, skills and learning.  Open Badges is an open technical standard. Open Badges makes it easy to… earn badges for skills you learn online and offline give recognition for things you teach show your badges in the places that matter. Mozilla… Read More ›

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World of Classcraft Turns Classrooms into Adventures ! (#GBL)

Shawn Young, a Canadian high school teacher  has turned his classroom into a World of Warcraft-style Role Playing Game, and it’s insanely cool. He designed a web-based engine for running the game – World of Classcraft. During class, the teacher plays the role of game master. Using the platform, the teacher manages XP and damage, generates events,… Read More ›

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4 Take-Aways from a Great Conversation on “Games in Schools”

Steven Cherry from IEEE Spectrum’s “Techwise Conversations” , just interviewed Jessica Hammer, a former game designer who’s now a graduate research fellow at Teachers College and a founding member of the EGGPLANT game research lab there. It’s a great conversation on games in education!! (love Steven’s questions!) Games in Schools: Making “Ender’s Game” a Reality Next year,… Read More ›

If This Then That

Most things in our world now are weaved together through online inter-connection, now there is a tool empowering you to design how the world around you goes.  If This Then That (IFTTT), a service that lets you connect two different applications together based on specific parameters, which you define. “Design changes behavior, and people’s relationships to the… Read More ›

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Professor Talks About Gamification in Academia

University of Michigan Professor Lampe is using gamification in his 200-student lecture classes to make them more interesting. He says big-class lectures can often be as boring for the professor as they are for the students. A little bit of game-type action can spice things up and make classes more interesting. Near the end of the video he points… Read More ›

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What’s Your Dream Classroom?

What’s your dream classroom? Enter Susan Fisher’s course site, what welcomes you is the epic music and visuals. The not too distant future is in your hands! Cool! During the Global Education Conference, Susan Fisher, Talented and Gifted Department Coordinator, Ridgeview I.B. Charter School, Fulton County Schools, Atlanta Georgia shared with us how she uses game-based… Read More ›

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What You Should Know about Badges

Badges, badges, badges! To badge or not to badge? What’s in it for you? How will it impact our education system? Mozilla Open Badges, adding a “reputation layer”? “Learning today happens everywhere. But it’s often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen online or out of school.” Mozilla is hoping to bring… Read More ›

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Game Mechanics and Learning Theory

Games create situated learning, where the player learns and applies the learning in relevant contexts. These contexts might be real-world or a fantasy. The situated learning is engaging, and requires more than just absorbing content. In order to level up in the game, players must apply and solve problems. Much of our traditional instruction does… Read More ›

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10 Books for Reading to Level Up on Game-Based Learning

What books have you read for game-based learning? Which one would you like to recommend for others? Here is a list of the most mentioned books in articles of game-based learning. Part of this list refers to the selection by “Level Up Book Club” – an online book club with special interest on game-based learning… Read More ›

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Game Thinking for Education

by Adam Renfro, originally posted on If Shakespeare were alive today (read: gamer), his famous line in “As You Like It” would read like this: All the world’s a game. All the men and women are merely gamers. They all have their pre-orders and buy backs. And one person will play many games in… Read More ›

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Game-Based Learning Design White Paper

“Games are the most elevated form of investigation.”  — Albert Einstein When used appropriately, game-based techniques can greatly enhance online learning courses and delight learners of all ages. The challenge for L&D professionals is how to commission effective game-based learning at a time when training budgets are under pressure. While immersive 3D games and simulations often require significant levels of… Read More ›

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Gamification Could Facilitate Authentic Challenge-Based Learning

This post is from “Sharing Good Practice” e-magazine issue 138, ictopus (ICT online primary user support) is a free web-based support service for primary education. We came across this article on Miles Berry’s blog post titled “Gamification“, he is a senior lecturer and subject leader for ICT Education at the  University of Roehampton and  teach initial teacher… Read More ›

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How Gamification Can Revitalize Education

Speaking at TEDxBerlin 2012, Gabe Zichermann delivered an impassioned call to remake education through gamification:  “Changing the Game in Education”, at TEDxBerlin 2012 “Future 3.0”. As an entrepreneur and author, Zichermann is the founder and CEO of  The Gamification Corporation and chair of the Gamification Summit and Workshops.  His work centers on harnessing the power of games to engage people… Read More ›


Story and Characters are The Most Important Elements in Gamification

The Gamification of Learning: What Research Says About Simulations & Serious Games by Karl Kapp (@kkapp) on Oct 03, 2012 Keynote address from The Medical Device & Diagnostic Trainers Summit held in Princeton, NJ by the Socieyt of Pharmaceutical & Biotech Trainers In this presentation Karl Kapp went through some key results found from researches. He also prioritizes… Read More ›

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4 Management Tools for Gamification of Education

To add a gamification layer on your class management isn’t a new idea, but educators need some handy tools to facilitate the process. ClassDojo has built a behavior management tool for K-12 classrooms. Let’s see other gamification management tools that might fit into different situations and explore some different approaches to gamify learning. Course Hero… Read More ›

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(Infographic) The Perfect Storm of Gamification

An infographic about trends and statistics of gamification by Engine Yard, enjoy!

ClassDojo Launches Free Smartphone App Empowering Teachers to Build Positive Behavior in the Classroom

ClassDojo is a new tool that helps teachers manage their classrooms according to the ways they design, here is how and why it works: For teachers in some classrooms, more than 50% of class time is spent managing behavior rather than delivering instruction; ClassDojo aims to greatly reduce this so teachers can do more teaching… Read More ›

Gamify Any Subject, Quickly, Cheaply and Easily, No Progamming Required

by Tom Benjamin, Sydney Gamification While working in rehabilitation hospitals I developed general principles to transform tasks into games. Gamification can be applied to most educational topics and the format below has been tested for late primary through secondary. It was first trialled in the Australian Tournament of Minds  as The Lost City Challenge… Read More ›

3 Discoveries from A Gamified AP Biology Class

Paul Andersen has been teaching science in Montana for the last eighteen years.  He’s been posting a regular series of YouTube videos on all things science and education in general for the past year: including physics, biology,  anatomy, earth science, chemistry, they have become very popular. His science videos have been viewed millions of times by students… Read More ›

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Top 10 Trending News of Game-Based Learning

CNN just made a special report “Gaming Reality“ to reveal the true stories of gaming in our current world. Here is the beginning of the stories: “Video gaming is a $90 billion business. Globally, we spend 1 billion hours per year inside games. But this virtual pastime has infiltrated the real world in unexpected ways…. Read More ›

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Originally posted on Activate Learning Solutions:
Some time ago I attended a Personal Learning Conference in Melbourne that was conducted jointly through Deakin University and the University of Aveiro Portugal.  I was the “odd man out” being the only one from corporate attending a conference in a sea of academics –  but I didn’t mind. …

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Originally posted on Gigaom:
Test scores and academic performance get a lot of talk in education – and rightly so – but classroom learning isn’t just about ingesting information and mastering skills, it’s about developing habits of mind and building character. Teachers spend a significant amount of their time managing student behavior but, for the…

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” -------- Chinese Wisdom "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." -------- Albert Einstein
"I'm calling for investments in educational technology that will help create digital tutors that are as effective as personal tutors, educational software as compelling as the best video game," President Barack Obama said while touring a tech-focused Boston school (year 2011).