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Online Ivy-League Education without the Ivy-League Price (#MOOC)

By Lucy Weiland

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provide Ivy-League education without the Ivy-League price. The courses cover topics all across the educational spectrum, from algebra to zoology and everywhere in between. You can take one anytime, anywhere, from any computer or device. More than perhaps any other form of education, you truly get out of it only what you put into it.

Never heard of a MOOC? It’s okay — only about 1 in 4 Americans has. But now that you’re on this page, you can help turn that figure around!

A MOOC is just like an online course at a community college or university, except instead of 20 to 200 students, it’s more like 200,000! And you can forget about office hours or asking for extensions, since you’d be lucky to ever get in touch with your professor at all.

Previously, not much was known about the demographics of MOOC students, or the motivations of educators — but this infographic can help you learn more about both!

Over five million students all around the world have registered for MOOCs. If you think that means five million students have seen their courses through to completion, though, you’d be mistaken — the self-motivation necessary to succeed means that many students (or even most of them!) never finish the course.

So what do you think? Are MOOCs music to your ears or landing a little flat? Consider giving them a try. You might just uncover a hidden talent or interest, and all at no risk.


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For a list of complete sources, please view the infographic.
Turn up the MOOC-box!
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