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Free #OER Mobile Course Is Available Online Now

In responding to that many readers have requested to access the Free #OER Mobile Course, we decide to put the web package (exported from Claro) online. Please check the introductory article linked (Free #OER Mobile Course) for more information about it. The course link is here :

OER Mobile Course :

You could go through this mobile course by following the linear navigation buttons at the upper-right corner. Sometimes the navigation is proceeded by how you interact with the interaction buttons in the pages. And if you click/tap on the “Menu” button at the upper-left corner, it shows every page sequentially in this course, in case you got lost in the content, you can check out where you are. Always going back to the “Top Menu” might be a good idea.

open educational resource professional development course

With limited human resource, this course is modified by part of the presentations used in this OER professional development course. It’s not to demonstrate how fancy the stuff that Claro can create, but to encapsulate a succinct package of key ingredients for anyone likes to leverage open educational resources for personal or public good. With any connected mobile device, you can access to the course. But since it’s originally designed for bigger screens like tablets and laptops, the navigation bar might be too small to tap on smartphones. (need zooming in)

open educational resources professional development course


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  1. Free #OER Mobile Course Is Available Online Now...
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  3. Free #OER Mobile Course Is Available Online Now...

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