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YouTube Founders Introduce MixBit To Crack The Code Of Video Editing On Mobile

You are presented with a feed of videos and select which one you want to watch based on its title and thumbnail. The main difference with YouTube is that it’s 100 percent user generated content. You won’t find a movie trailer or a music video on MixBit.

MixBit is available on iOS now.


From the two co-founders behind YouTube, MixBit is a brand new mobile-first video platform. But contrarily to other video apps focused on recreating a social network, MixBit is all about editing and putting your video clips together to create a medium-length video. Videos range from a few seconds to 68 minutes. Moreover, everyone can reuse someone else’s content and create a brand new video.

Shooting a video in MixBit is a bit like taking pictures at an event — you take pictures and edit them later, and you want to be sure to have enough content before leaving the event. In MixBit’s case, users capture up to 16 seconds of videos and save them to their phones.

After the event, the editing process can start. MixBit allows you to put all those short video clips together to create a meaningful, story-driven video. Up to 256 video clips can be stitched…

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