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Test Yourself with #OER Game (HTML5 compliant)

Open content is gaining traction in K-12, 2013 K-12 Horizon Report puts it on the mid-term horizon which predicts its going mainstream in about 2 years. Open educational resources(OER) also make up three quarters of the content in most MOOCs; paid content, such as required textbooks, is less than 10%.

The movement toward open content reflects a growing shift in the way scholars in many parts of the world are conceptualizing education to a view that is more about the process of learning than the information conveyed. Information is everywhere; the challenge is to make effective use of it. Open content uses Creative Commons and other forms of alternative licensing to encourage not only the sharing of information, but the sharing of pedagogies and experiences as well. Part of the appeal of open content is that it is a response to both the rising costs of traditionally published resources and the lack of educational resources in some regions. As this open, customizable content — and insights about how to teach and learn with it — is increasingly made available for free over the Internet, people are learning not only the material, but also the skills related to finding, evaluating, interpreting, and repurposing the resources.

These data reflect a notable transformation in the culture surrounding open content that will continue to impact how we think about content production, sharing, and learning.

How much do you know about OER ?

Here is a free OER game to test yourself. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, you can try unlimited times on the questions you miss. It’s for anyone to learn the right answers, not to challenge you. Since it’s authored by Claro – HTML5 compliant authoring tool – so you can access this web program with any mobile device. Have fun!

open educational resources game

Graphic by RubyBlossom

OER isn’t rocket science, and is not mysterious at all. If you like to learn more, you can :

– request a free mobile course for learning anywhere you have several minutes : Free #OER Mobile Course.

Update on Aug. 15, 2013:

Free #OER Mobile Course Is Available Online Now (no log in is needed)

– register an online professional development course, which is a self-paced and hands-on course that you can obtain 3 graduate-level credits after finishing : Online Course : Using #OER to Create K-12 Curriculum.

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  1. Test Yourself with #OER Game (HTML5 compliant) ...
  2. Test Yourself with #OER Game (HTML5 compliant) ...
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