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What’s “The Learning Paradigm College” ?

Chris Thomas wrote about his thought of reading John Tagg’s “The Learning Paradigm College”, and shared with us how he re-designed the new course for the Software Engineering.

Opposed to the Instruction Paradigm College with its “One teacher, one room, x students all focussed on the teacher (or should be)”, the Learning Paradigm College expects you to drop all the unjustificable relicts from the history of education: The blackboard and the teacher table do not have to be in front of the classroom and the chairs should not be arranged in lines. You may ask if it is still school then? No and yes. No, it will not be like school we know it today. But yes, it will (finally) be a school in the meaning of a “place where students learn something for life”.

Two highlights for us to remember :

Rich feedback leads to learning, while frequent evaluation often deters it. (S. 332)

A major focus of course redesign should be to create communities of practice among students. (S. 330)

How technologies are used to facilitate deep learning matters!!

We've pretty well proven that deep learning do...

We’ve pretty well proven that deep learning doesn’t occur in rows. (Photo credit: Ken Whytock)

Check out his article : Lessons I learned from reading John Tagg’s “Learning Paradigm College” !


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