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A “Video Web” Production Studio on Your iPad – TouchCast

TouchCast for iPad gives the power of a broadcast television production studio to everyone with an iPad. From its blog :

TouchCastTouchCast is a new kind of video that is part of the web, not apart from it. Each TouchCast can contain web pages, documents, videos, pictures and interactive regions we call video Apps (vApps) within it, bringing the world of video and the web together. Video Apps are active HTML objects inside the video. They include maps, polls, Twitter streams, clickable news headlines, photo galleries, and anything else developers can imagine (vApps are built on an open platform).

Video and the web will merge together into one super-medium

The two most potent media forms in contemporary history now live side-by-side: the web with its Hyper Text Markup Language and video, which is usually relegated to operate within a walled garden on the web in a 16:9 or 4:3 rectangle, all nicely placed inside this “page” metaphor borrowed from the days of magazines. The foundations of the web are in print. HTML is based on a markup language that was designed for desktop publishing and print mediums. But the dominance of the magazine metaphor on the World Wide Web is coming to a close.

We are on the cusp of a new age where the canvas of the web is video–more specifically, HD video powered by the open standard of HTML5. The creators of today will lead the transition of the web from pages to channels. HD video can now encapsulate interactive elements that consumers are already used to exploring on the web. Video and the web will merge together into one super-medium.

A broadcast television production studio on your iPad

As we talk about mobile learning, we speculate that mobile devices are not only good for consuming information but also a great tool for creating content. This tool seems bringing this expectation to another level.

It’s a TV studio in your hands. Create broadcast-quality videos with a built-in teleprompter, green screen, visual filters, sound effects, and titles. Watch TouchCasts from the app or online at Anyone can easily create professional-quality videos in real-time with no post-production necessary. And best of all it is completely free.

Developers can create vApps that let users do things like they used to do on webpages … like play a game, buy things and everything else the web offers. All you need are web languages – HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Cheers to the happy new world of HTML5, and maybe, interactive TV. Everyone can be the creator.


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