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Successful Mobile Learning is from Shared Culture, Knowledge and Practices (#mlearning)

In the report released recently by Gartner, Gartner Says Worldwide PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone Shipments to Grow 5.9 Percent in 2013 as Anytime-Anywhere-Computing Drives Buyer Behavior.

Worldwide traditional PC (desk-based and notebook) shipments are forecast to total 305 million units in 2013, a 10.6 percent decline from 2012 , while the PC market including ultramobiles is forecast to decline 7.3 percent in 2013 (see Table 1). Tablet shipments are expected to grow 67.9 percent, with shipments reaching 202 million units, while the mobile phone market will grow 4.3 percent, with volume of more than 1.8 billion units. The sharp decline in PC sales recorded in the first quarter was the result in a change in preferences in consumers’ wants and needs, but also an adjustment in the channel to make room for new products hitting the market in the second half of 2013.

“Consumers want anytime-anywhere computing that allows them to consume and create content with ease, but also share and access that content from a different portfolio of products. Mobility is paramount in both mature and emerging markets,” said Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner.

Table 1

Worldwide Devices Shipments by Segment (Thousands of Units)

Device Type




PC (Desk-Based and Notebook)












Mobile Phone








Source: Gartner (June 2013)

Pervasive learning opportunity enabled by mobile devices

What’s the learning opportunity created by Anytime-Anywhere-Computing ?

In this presentation by , he evaluated that informal learning can have impact as high as 80% on corporate learning(or training) outcome. And he proposed how mobile learning can facilitate 3 types of informal learning as below.

mobile learning, informal learning

Learning by osmosis

The idea of Learning by Osmosis is from .

Learning therefore is part art and science. It can be a scientific process methodically laid out (i.e. a formal event of some sort) and it can be a manifestation of colour, creativity and vibrancy (i.e. serendipitous discovery). Learning by osmosis permits employees the opportunity to allow new ideas and concepts to fill our gaps through any type of passage or membrane. It is as much conscious as it is unconscious. And most importantly, learning should be thought of as pervasive.

We should all believe (and demonstrate the ability to) learn at the speed of need. Pervasive Learning is the switch from a ‘training is an event’ fixed mindset to ‘learning is a collaborative, continuous, connected and community-based’ growth mindset. 

Ubiquitous learning(U-learning) is the future

From the paper published by Yeonjeong Park , Virginia Tech, USA, 2011, U-learning is the future.

mobile learning, ubiquitous learning

The change toward pervasive learning need to start from our mindset, and then the design to facilitate learning. How humans use technologies is the key. One fact behind all the possibilities is that we are building a shared brain in the digital cloud that allows us to exceed the biological limitations of our brain. It’s true inside an organization or worldwide. If we have the shared brain on our demand, and we can make learning like breathing. What can’t we do ? In summary, successful mobile learning is from shared culture, knowledge and practices.


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