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#mLearnCon Debriefing

Many readers eyeing on mobile learning should know the #MlearnCon was just held last week, although it is mainly for enterprise learning and training, education stakeholders could learn from it too.  CEO of Easygenerator Kasper Spiro (@KasperSpiro) gave some good summary and highlights on the best sharing. (the following lists link to the posts worth your reading – with an intention of keeping it short)

#MlearnCon Recap: Where are we now with mLearning?

First a general observation. I found the atmosphere this year different from last year. Last year it was filled with expectation, a ‘it is going to happen’ atmosphere. This year it was much more ‘I know I need to do something with mobile, but I don’t know where or how to begin’.

I attended a whole bunch of case study sessions (I posted mind maps about the most of them) and I went to the DemoFest where 33 mLearning implementations where shown. Here are my observations.

First thing I noticed was that all the case studies I attended where done by large corporations or institutes (Microsoft, BlackBerrie, GE capital, Deloitte, Qualqomm, Sony, Federal reserve bank).  It is possible that the Guild thinks it is sexier to present case studies from fortune 500 companies instead of SME’s but the conversations I had with other attendees suggest it is more than that. Smaller companies are not yet ready to take the mobile step …

#Mlearncon: session report: Mobile mistakes

Good presentation from Clarck Quinn, nice angel on how to prevent mistakes. Ans he connected it a several times to this mornings Keynote, making the transfer to learning that we didn’t had this morning.

mobile learning

#Mlearncon keynote: Tamar Elkeles: a culture clash!

Basically it is very simple, they are creating an ecosystem of apps, all kinds of them. Apps that will help you navigate an office, library apps, on-boarding apps, community apps, news apps, story apps, the complete list is in the mind map. No courses but just apps.

What they are doing is simply creating an environment that is the same as you use as a private person. An ecosystem like you have on the web or your mobile device that will bring you answers and solve problems. Makes sense and sounds simple, but it is a whole different approach to corporate learning.

mobile learning

#mLearncon session report: GE capital case

Interesting case, another one of having to train a lot (250.000) people who are not working in your organisation and where you have no control over. They went for small learning nuggets on an ‘ ordinary’ website optimized for tablets. Most striking for me, they dropped the mandatory registration and log in. Almost all of their content is freely accessible for everyone.

A presentation over the process Sony Electronic (USA) went through the past 12 months setting their first steps on the path to mobile. Nice presentation, very open over the successes and the failures and lessons learned. Interesting stuff for those who are considering setting their first steps as well.

#mLearncon, session report: From instructor led training to the smart phone

Fujitsu communications story on how a failed project became a success. The created an ebook and a exam training app. Nice story.

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