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What’s Transmedia Learning ?

Dr. Elaine Raybourn is working in transmedia learning since 2010, creating games, virtual worlds, and social simulations since 1998. She leads teams that research transmedia learning, next generation learners’ adaptive posture and their interactions with future learning technology.

The following content comes from her presentation.

What’s Transmedia Learning ?

“Transmedia Storytelling is the system of messages that reveal a narrative or engender an experience through multiple media platforms, emotionally connecting with learners by involving them personally.”

  • Use of Multiple media and technological platforms retaining features of each
  • Multiple media may tell different stories but explore a core experience (common theme), which can be experienced through multiple narrative perspectives
  • Consideration placed on user’s lifestyle, media habits, context (place)
  • Audience co-creates with storytellers resulting in participatory design and emergent culture

How to make Transmedia Learning ?

  • Use graphic novels, comics, videos, machinima, and film to provide back-story
  • Use social media and user generated content for commentary developing into a story line
  • Use mobile, television/web for unfolding episodes.
  • Provide several points of entry into the story
  • Use all media, not just digital media

Give it a try!

  • Try opportunities to explore broader story in different ways to enrich the core experience
  • Go beyond each individual element to tell the story of your universe
  • Use a narrative framework of media elements that invite the learner into a world and allows for co-creation
  • Use LARP (Live Action Role Play) and Alternate Reality Games (ARG) to explore the story in the real world
  • Leverage synchronous and asynchronous, private, and public

Like to learn more? Join the Webinar!

Title:    Transforming Leader Development with Transmedia Learning
Date:    Thursday, 27 June 2013
Time:   2:00-2:45 PM EDT


Raybourn, E. M. (2012). Introduction to Transmedia for Training and Education. Webinar delivered 18 December, 2012.

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transmedia learning designphoto credit: Gary Hayes via photopincc

transmedia learningphoto credit: ZenFilms via photopin cc


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