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(Infographic) 50 Mobile Learning Statistics For K-12 Education (#mlearning)


Mobile learning is among the latest trends in education that have captured educators’ interest, and seem to hold considerable promise in terms of learning potential.

What the reality of mobile learning looks like on a day-to-day basis in classrooms and homes isn’t entirely clear, which is where mobile learning statistics–actual data–can help clarify things.

The following infographic from Grunwald Associates offers up 50+ such statistics gleaned from parent surveys about mobile devices in K-12 environments.

It is unsurprising that only 8% of students in grades 3-5 carry a smartphone with them every day, while 28% of students in middle school do–a number that increases to 51% by high school. These numbers don’t necessarily mean that there is no potential access for students at the elementary or middle school level, only that given the existing content of modern public school classrooms, only a small portion of students actually end up taking a smartphone to school.

Given a BYOT program, for example, that number would likely increase significantly.

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