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A Computer Game about Gaining and Applying Detailed Insights into the Global Oil Industry

(Press Release) With the free, world-wide distribution of the real-time strategy game ‘Quest for Oil,’ Maersk unfolds the unknown universe of oil exploration and invites you to embark on a conquest of the depths of the seabed.

Quest for Oil is the first game of its kind and with the convergence of forces, innovation and technology Maersk gives you the chance to experience the challenging world of being on a drilling rig with its 53,000 tonnes of steel rammed into the bottom of the ocean. Every minute and every inch matter. Your equipment is tuned and ready. Time is ticking, and investments worth billions are at stake. Making the right decisions is crucial.

“Most people take for granted that we have oil and natural gas and not many people understand what it takes to find and produce it. The world’s need for oil and gas is leading exploration into ever deeper waters and ventures demanding precision and cutting edge technology. It’s a sophisticated, fascinating industry and ‘Quest for
Oil’ offers everybody a glimpse of what oil and gas exploration is all about today,” says Jakob Thomasen, CEO of Maersk Oil.

Using Maersk Oil and Maersk Drilling’s vast experience in the hightech oil industry, Maersk opens the virtual doors to the pursuit of oil in the deep waters off Qatar and the North Sea, testing your strategic and practical skills to the utmost.

To master the challenge you will need to test your analytic skills looking for oil on a seismic map. What does the underground look like? Which layers of earth does it consist of? And where is the oil locked? You will be tested on how precisely you position your high-tech drilling equipment, always keeping an eye on temperature
and pressure, before you can start extracting and producing the oil found. You have to constantly make the right analysis and decisions and then use the knowledge you gain to play ‘Quest for Oil’.

“New times calls for new measures, and we want to use the computer game to tell the story of an extremely innovative business, which the entire world depends on, in a new and engaging way. We wish to engage in dialogue about our oil and energy business through gamification and at the same time give all interested the
best opportunity to experience the underground,” explains Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO of Maersk Drilling.

Do you have what it takes to keep cool and start drilling? You can download ‘Quest for Oil’ free at

(Press Release) Opening the door to the science of the future

During a test run of ‘Quest for Oil’ among high school students, it was clear that the game fulfills the ambitions of both providing a rare insight into the oil industry and telling the story about the sciences all of us heavily rely on for our future.

According to teacher Birgit Sandermann Justesen of Nærum High School, the educational potential of ‘Quest for Oil’ is huge. She recaps the overall experience: “Quest for Oil stimulates students’ curiosity and creativity and educates them at the same time. I can easily see the game as an integral part of their science lessons.”
Justesen supervised her students as they played Quest for Oil the very first time and says that Quest for Oil “represents an entirely new way of learning about the layers of the earth, how complex it is to unlock the oil and what it takes to be in the highly competitive oil business. At the same time, the players learn to understand the importance of having the right knowledge and the right skills.”

In Nærum, ‘Quest for Oil’ was introduced to a critical audience of thirty students who have crystal clear expectations when it comes to playing any kind of game: It must be easy to understand, fun and challenging. Within a few minutes, the teenagers’ expectations were met but this game isn’t just for fun; it’s also about education. Quest for Oil challenges players’ ability to read seismic maps, access the potential of the subsurface layers and make the rights decisions as to where
and how to drill for oil.

Competing to win

Birgit Sandermann Justesen’s enthusiasm about ‘Quest for Oil’ was echoed by her students. According to 19-year-old Simone, “I didn’t know a lot about oil or the underground before I played ‘Quest for Oil’ but I quickly understood what we had to do and how to do it to succeed. Now I know what the oil business is about.”
During their testing of ‘Quest for Oil’, the students also caught on to the competitive element of the game. Beating one’s opponent and successfully reaching a production target of 1 million barrels of oil is within reach but only if you play smart and listen to the advice provided by the experts assigned to help you.
“We have already lost twice to our opponent but that has only encouraged us to play again and do better,” said Stefan whose group of players rapidly picked up speed and energy to gain the ground needed to come out of the next game as winners.

Education with a different feel

According to the young test players who will be graduating this summer and moving on to choose their career paths, the visual elements of Quest for Oil are some of its strongest features. “You get a completely different feel for learning when you see the layers of the earth laid out like this. It’s much more interesting than having to sit still and learn facts written on a chalkboard,” says Sara, another student.

quest for oil simulation game


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