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Finding the Right Learning Content Where and When You Need it

When you consider the factors deciding the visibility of learning contents, it makes sense to think about how we can find the right learning resource where and when we need it. They are like 2 sides of the same coin.

In the previous post, we mentioned about metadata of learning objects and why it matters for the visibility of educational resources. Although the widely adopted metadata element set for this purpose is IEEE LOM, but it’s not recognized by search engines. That’s why we should learn about “Learning Resources Metadata Initiative” (LRMI), it’s an initiative co-led by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) and Creative Commons (CC).

The LRMI project was spurred by the announcement last year of, a project by Bing, Google, and Yahoo! to create a standard way of tagging online content. While not directly connected, created the opportunity for projects like the LRMI by establishing a standard markup schema for general web content and then encouraging specialized communities and industries to extend this schema to meet their needs. It is the hope of the LRMI leadership that the metadata schema developed by this project will be incorporated into and become the de facto standard for tagging educational resources on the web.

Introduction of LRMI

Open Source Tagger

LRMI is designed to make your content discoverable. So what ‘s the process ? First, tag. Second, publish. Then, search.

tag publish search

The right content at the right time

Aside from improved search, the LRMI will also:

  • Facilitate personalized learning—the right content at the right time
  • Decrease production costs through industry standardization
  • Address demands of states for standardized description of learning resources

Learning Resources Metadata initiative

For more information, including the LRMI’s relation to existing education metadata schema and other initiatives like the Learning Registry and Shared Learning Collaborative, visit the FAQ page.


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