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How to Create OER and Join to Grow The #OER Tree

Plan, research, curate, design, create, publish OER and share it out under an open license, so someone else can discover it, then start with the next step. Maybe it will be improved or expressed in different forms.

Creating OER is the 9th lesson of our online PD course : Using Open Educational Resources To Create K-12 Curriculum, the lesson covers the following topics. Some topics point(link) to selected articles or resources, in this way we make sure learners connect with the best content.

Growing Your Own Textbooks for Common Core

Remix Culture as An Educator’s Habit

A General Guide for Collaboration

Open Creation Process

Technical Details and Tools about Licenses You Should Know

Marking Your Works with Open Licenses

Lessons Learnt from Transforming Teaching Materials into OERs

We like to share here about Technical Details and Tools about Licenses You Should Know

Let us know if you have further suggestion or thoughts. OER is like a tree, it never ends growing and moving forward because anyone can join to improve it.


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