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5 New Tools for Flipping Classrooms

Almost every week, we could find new tools coming out. We are having a beautiful new world contributed by software programmers. is a very simple app designed for taking notes inside videos. Enter its website, go straight to create your notes synchronized with videos, and save your notes in Google Document(Drive). It has integrated with MOOC platform like Coursera.

video note taking tool


Turn your vision into reality by creating your own version of an existing PDF or textbook. Give it a dynamic touch, jot down notes, add video/audio clips, and discuss materials with your readers within your interactive content. Use Active Textbook to learn, teach or simply share your documents online. The basic version is free and works on almost everything! (integrated with Moodle too)

Latest released features : 

Check out our new version of Active Textbook with new user interface enhancement and added features such as dynamic text, reading mode, and custom dynamic web content implementation. You can easily customize an interactive message by adding a dynamic markup or block of your code from any part of your website for demonstration within Active Textbook coded in JavaScript or HTML.

Furthermore, you are able to look up words using built-in dictionary within Active Textbook provided by Wordnik.

web 2.0 tool


Tricider is a social voting tool for crowdsourcing ideas, and it could be very useful for participatory learning pedagogy. Both teachers and students can raise topics or questions for debating, discussion, collecting thoughts and brainstorming.

social voting tools

Soo Meta

Grab videos, pictures, text paragraphs from any source and turn them into short movies. Learning and teaching is a lot more fun through visuals. Research and present material with the same tool! Share quickly assembled videos with your class! Watch this great video talking about flipped classroom made with Soo Meta. (link to Soo Meta since wordpress scripts away embed codes)

flipped classroom


ScreenBird is a versatile screen recording tool. It appears filling the gap that is much needed by today’s users.


  • No sign-in screen recording
  • Public or private links
  • Record whole or part of screen
  • Redo parts of recording
  • Unlimited team members
  • Create video outlines
  • YouTube integration
  • Short Links
  • 30min Videos
  • Pause/Redo parts of recording
  • Record screen or just a part
  • Record Audio
  • Video outlines

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