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(Infographic) The Future of Mobile Apps

Summarizing the information from difference sources, Mobile Future’s infographic showcases the rapid emergence of this relatively new segment of the mobile marketplace and its contributions to U.S. innovation, job creation and economic growth. By 2016, the app economy is expected to reach 46 billions, although it shows a bright future, but also a very crowded marketplace. Maybe it’s time to craft specialized marketplaces, and hence raise the content quality to catch up with the quantity explosion.

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The mobile war is over and the app has won

Only 20 percent of American consumers’ time on mobile devices is spent on the web. A massive majority, 80 percent, is spent in apps: games, news, productivity, utility, and social networking apps.

Turns out, it’s an app world, after all.

According to app analytics firm Flurry, which tracks app usage on a staggering 300,000 apps on over a billion activemobile devices, we spend an average of 158 minutes each and every day on our smartphones and tablets.

Two hours and seven minutes of that is in an app, and only 31 minutes is in a browser, surfing the old-school web.


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