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Play and Learn Weekly – Apr.21, 2013 (#GBL)

What’s happening in the convergence of play and learn? (game-based learning)


Game based learning market driven by the growth in mobile-based educational games

The game based learning market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.6% through to 2016, driven by the growth in mobile-based educational games and the growth within the gamification market.

Key players currently dominating the game based learning market include LearningWare Inc., Lumos Labs Inc., BreakAway Ltd.,

2013 GAwards: Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Education

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@CourseHero’s New Game Mechanics | Learn from the world’s best educators

OTT Achievements – Travel & tourism eLearning (@traveltraining)

@Ford’s Gamified Employee Motivation Program

BankersLab® – Learning Reinvented (@BankersLab)

Deloitte Leadership Academy’s Newly Added Game Mechanics (@DeloitteLA)



Yet  educators generally support game-based learning, and parents’ support depends primarily on a perceived lack of educational rigor in games. Consequently, educational game developers perceive the challenge as creating experiences that pass the muster of parents and educators.  But what parents/educators want kids to play and what kids will actually play is very different. How do educational game developers compete with the kinds of irresistible experiences the broader game industry provides and that kids love to play?

Perhaps the best answer lies in not just creating bigger and better educational games, but in re-framing what we consider “educational.”


Game-Based Tutoring Technologies Report: Findings and Resources (from ADL)

Advanced Training & Learning Technology, LLC (AT&LT) followed a research approach that leveraged existing and ongoing development of their educational math game intended to teach a Pre-Algebra curriculum. The R&D activities consisted of the development of a generalized and modular software library consisting of an Intelligent Tutoring Agent (ITA) and associated Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate tutoring algorithms and data with the AT< Math Game. The intended use of the ITA and math game was for 6th-8th grade middle school students. The research objectives also included research to assess the efficacy of deployment of the math game and tutoring technology within DoDEA.

math game-based learning

The research included the successful development of an ITA Software Library (ISL) consisting of the ITA, the API, and associated software documentation and support tools. The initial version of the ITA provides basic tutoring functions for asset management, visual and auditory feedback, forced interventions, and time-based monitoring and assessment, among other features and capabilities. The functionality of the ITA coexisted as an embedded tutoring capability and set of features in a version of the math game that was successfully used in a series of formative evaluations. The project culminated in student math camps that included the successful use of the game by the student population targeted for this research. The math game was also successfully deployed and used in an informal setting by DoDEA during a summer enrichment program at Ramstein AFB.


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