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Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for K-12

Milton Chen at The George Lucas Educational Foundation talked about “Games and the Common Core: Two Movements That Need Each Other“, a good point is :

…we should recognize that the Common Core Standards in language arts and math are outcomes, not subject areas, and that there should be multiple paths to achieving the higher and deeper standards through, for instance, project-based learning, experiences in nature, integration of the arts, and the fast-moving world of games and simulations.

And, Dr. Steinkuehler talked about how interest-driven learning makes a real difference :

Dr. Steinkuehler described a finding from one of her studies, showing that adolescent boys often read above grade-level when playing games, where the text is written at the 12th-grade level, but average two grades below on standardized tests of their reading. How could this be?

But how to balance the interest-driven learning and curriculum-goal-driven learning is the question in every teacher’s head. For this question, we think there is a huge potential in the overlap between good learning design and game design. Educators Are Well Positioned to Be Game Designers. Is it possible to turn a combination of real world and virtual world experiences into building a learning experience like playing World of Warcraft ? The answer might be in Alternate Reality Game(ARG), here is a great presentation with links to many resources.

Today’s learners are never lack of learning contents, but lack of the motivation of learning. If every teacher can learn from game designers, maybe things will change.

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