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The NMC, ISTE, and HP Launch the HP Catalyst Academy

What is the HP Catalyst Academy?

professional developmentThe HP Catalyst Academy is a fresh approach to accelerate professional learning among STEMx (science, technology, engineering, math and all the other 21st century high-tech disciplines) educators, providing personalized and powerful mini-courses that inspire and transform teaching practices. This exciting development comes from the HP Catalyst Initiative, which focuses on improving the quality of STEMx education — a major priority around the world. The demand for highly qualified STEMx teachers is increasing, yet traditional models of professional development do not adequately meet the demand. The HP Catalyst Academy’s free, online mini-courses are specifically designed for STEMx teachers and faculty serving students in grades 6 through 16 (secondary and undergraduate tertiary).

What are the mini-courses?

HP Catalyst Academy online mini-courses are practical and pragmatic, intended for busy educators looking for a new way to develop their professional skills. The first set of 15 mini-courses, scheduled to launch in June 2013, cover a wide range of topics — including digital fabrication, computational thinking, remote labs, game design, and social media.

Who leads the mini-courses?

The mini-course leaders, known as HP Catalyst Fellows, are working with HP’s education partners, ISTE and the NMC, to develop innovative online professional learning experiences. Through a grant process, HP Catalyst identified this group of established STEMx trailblazers who have experience and excellent track records in developing and launching large-scale projects that positively impact thousands of teachers and students.
How are HP Catalyst Academy participants recognized?

Teachers and faculty who participate in the HP Catalyst Academy will acquire new skills and receive the recognition to prove it. The integration of a badging exchange will enable participants to collect and display badges that reflect their accomplishments with each mini-course they take.

Learn more and join today!

professonal development

What’s STEMx ?

(from NMC site) Note for Editors: For years we have referred to STEM education — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — but in today’s flat world the definition must be much broader. It must include disciplines like computer science, nanoscience and, biotech as well as critical skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication, problem solving, inquiry, computational thinking and global fluency. Thus, to expand the definition to encompass the wide range of skills and knowledge requisite for success in the high-tech world of work and global citizenship, the HP Catalyst Initiative has created the acronym, STEMx.

This press release is provided by New Media Consortium (NMC).


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