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Horizon Report – Australian Tertiary Education 2013

Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education 2013-2018 has just been released as one of Horizon reports, produced with the same process underlies the well-known NMC Horizon Report series. Take a minute to grab the main ideas and comparisons below.

Comparison of 12 technologies to watch

Educational Technology to watch

Top-Ranked Trends Across Three NMC Horizon Research Projects

Horizon report higher education

Top-Ranked Challenges Across Three NMC Horizon Research Projects

horizon report, education technology, higher education

As always, Horizon report is licensed under Creative Comnmons CC BY (3.0).

Johnson, L., Adams Becker, S., Cummins, M., Freeman, A., Ifenthaler, D., and Vardaxis, N. (2013). Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education 2013-2018: An NMC Horizon Project Regional Analysis. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.


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