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Successful Story of Driving KM through #Gamification

There are some successful stories of gamification in enterprises that we can learn from. Here is one example from the article written by Conor Leeson : Driving KM behaviors and adoption through gamification. The same ideas might be applied in education organization as well. A briefing of the essentials is here:

gamify learning

Key Behaviors

Accenture began leveraging a gamification approach to its KM program over five years ago with the launch of a collaboration recognition and reward program called the Addo Agnitio Award (A3). It started out by measuring a modest set of key activities that employees could undertake to demonstrate their commitment to embracing collaborative behaviors. Those activities were assigned point values, and a collaboration and knowledge sharing score was calculated for all employees. In the intervening years, more than 30 activities have now been identified to demonstrate three key behaviors:

  • connect—how people connect to the content and communities they need to do their job,
  • contribute—the level at which people are contributing their knowledge and the impact of those contributions on other people, and
  • cultivate—the willingness to interact with and build upon the ideas and perspectives of other employees, to help nurture a spirit of collaboration.

“We found that the single biggest motivator wasn’t status—such as sitting atop a collaboration leaderboard—or even the accrual of cash prizes, but rather being able to understand and demonstrate the impact of collaborative behaviors on the organization, and being recognized and rewarded for that.” says Steve Kaukonen, Accenture’s social collaboration change lead.

Key Elements

While people can be drawn in to collaborate and share via extrinsic motivation, how do you get them to stay? The more you can tap into their intrinsic motivations and help people realize the inherent benefits of collaboration, the more successful and sustained that engagement will be.

Mastery – “It’s about taking this vague, sometimes nebulous, idea of collaboration and breaking it down into a logical sequence of tangible and achievable steps that move people along the path to mastery,” says Thomas Hsu.

Autonomy – Autonomy is about giving people the freedom to make meaningful choices. Instead of dictating a prescribed path, an autonomous approach allows them to set their own goals, choosing how they wish to collaborate and ultimately providing a sense of ownership.

Purpose – While there are plenty of personal benefits to collaboration, people are more engaged when they feel socially connected to others as part of a larger purpose.


Be warned: Many gamification projects fall short because they take an overly simplistic approach and ignore the subtleties of game design and behavioral economics.

“Enduring engagement comes from the inherent benefits of effective collaboration, the meaningful choices in the system and the sense of accomplishment when you achieve something worthwhile,” Kaukonen advises. “Start with those core principles and then decide, based on your objectives, which mechanics are the most appropriate to use—not the other way around.”

Are there silver bullets to guarantee the success? Check out the practical tips by yourself.

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