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Play and Learn Weekly – Mar.31th, 2013 (#GBL)

What’s happening in the convergence of play and learn? (Game-Based Learning)


Youth-Led STEM Game Design Workshops

As part of the National STEM Video Game Challenge, Global Kids youth leaders in the Playing for Keeps program designed and led game design workshops that will reach over 200 New York City youth at more than ten Hive NYC institutions. They held two different types of sessions. The first showcased game design concepts and introduced participants to, a game platform designed specifically for learning how to create games. The second workshop taught participants how to pitch their game design ideas to an expert panel of game gurus from E-Line Media and other game design companies like BrainPop….

Serious Games At MIT Lincoln Lab – Researchers discuss Serious Games as tools for evaluating real-world skills

Polygon reports that five scientists from the Lincoln Lab hosted a panel at PAX East 2013 to discuss the growing use of Serious Games as tools to assist in solving national security problems, which is the center’s primary purview (please find also Game Technologies for Homeland Security Training).

The panelists’ discussion centered on the applications games have for the kinds of issues that the Lincoln Lab is tackling, as well as some of the unique challenges the creators of such games face.

Games Grow Up: Colleges Recognize the Power of Gamification

Pennsylvania State University’s Education Gaming Commons (EGC) takes a broad approach to the study of games, says project manager Chris Stubbs. “We build educational games from scratch around specific learning objectives; we’ll help faculty use commercial games; we do research around games,” Stubbs says. Most recently, the EGC has joined the phenomenon of gamification by adding game-like elements to the classroom experience.

The Virtual Xperience Lab at Indiana University conducts in-depth analysis of how people learn from games and then uses that research in educational-game-design courses, says Bob Appelman, VX Lab founder.

At Boston’s Emerson College, the Engagement Game Lab focuses on crafting complete game experiences that lower barriers to civic involvement, lab director Eric Gordon says.

game-based learning

The Games Research Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University, is seeking to apply the benefits of game-based learning at the primary- and secondary-school levels, professor John Black says.

A Videogame That Teaches Kids To Code

The game is called Hakitzu. It’s out this week, the first release from Kuato Studios, a startup based in London and Palo Alto that has assembled a formidable developer team, including SRI, the people who built the iPhone’s Siri, and game designers formerly from Sony Playstation, Idea Works, Blitz, Konami, and more. But Hakitzu isn’t just another versus fighter. Instead of using a touchpad or other controller to play, I have to type in a set of command lines that tell the robot what to do: walk forward, walk back, turn around, and so on. Without really knowing it, I’m learning to code Javascript while I fight. Kuato is trying to redefine what learning games are by making the game come first.

Good Game Show Korea 2013

Dates: (Friday) May 24 – (Sunday) May 26, 2013 (3-day event)
Where: Kintex – Exhibition Center II – Exhibition Hall 9, 408
Organised by: Gyeonggi Content Agency

The purpose of this event is:

  • Raising the awareness of serious games by showcasing the various applications with participants given the chance to play these “serious games”.
  • Adding the industrial value to serious games by expanding their scope.
  • Spreading mobile games and mobile applications through mobile devices.


A Beginner’s Guide To Making Your First Video Game

Game development has exploded over the last few years, and now it seems like everyone is making a video game. You’ve got big studios full of hundreds of people. You’ve got small teams making incredible games. There are more people in independent game development than ever. This is an amazing thing, because everyone brings their unique experience and sensibilities to game design.


GinEB 2013 : Call for Chapters: Gamification in Education and Business

Lincoln C. Wood ( and Torsten Reiners ( are working with Springer on editing a book provisionally entitled ‘Gamification in Education and Business’. We plan for this to become a core body of research in this expanding area that people will turn to as a first reference in the coming years. The volume will cover a range of theoretical foundations for gamification in one volume, integrate these, and present several design and implementation concepts, while also discussing the possible negatives of using gamification and presenting some case studies.

We have a webpage for the book at:

Global Game-Based Learning Market 2012-2016 New Market Study Published

TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Global Game-based Learning market to grow at a CAGR of 15.6 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the growth in mobile-based educational games. The Global Game-based Learning market has also been witnessing the growth in gamification market. However, the limitations in commercial developments could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.


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