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Play and Learn Weekly – Mar.17th, 2013 (#GBL)

What’s happening in the convergence of play and learn? (Game-Based Learning)


Serious Games Market Analysis By GaLA

GaLA, the Games and Learning Alliance Network of Excellence for Serious Games funded by the European Union in FP7 – IST ICT, Technology Enhanced Learning (Please find also GaLA Kick-Off: Newly Created Network of Excellence in Serious Games), has posted some preliminary findings of a market study that draws a  picture of 250 companies that are producing and selling Serious Games, mainly from EU and US.

Leveraging on prior GaLa studies, they have divided the Serious Games Market into 6 main segments: Education, Corporate, Healthcare, Military/Government, NGOs/Games for Good and Advergames.

The Fastest Growing Database Of Educational Serious Games

As anticipated in my previous post Aldrich´s Mechanism For Hooking Up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers, Clark Aldrich has spent the last 12 months assembling a Simulation and Serious Games database, completely available for free to the public.

Clark‘s primary reason to create The Simulations and Serious Games Registry, ClarkChart, was to introduce a non-existing, agile mechanism for hooking up Serious Games buyers and sellers, thus providing an alternative path for the historical work-for-hire business model to accelerate Serious Games large scale adoption.

game-based learningRobben island video game aims to teach young about apartheid history

For decades it was a bleak enigma at the southern tip of Africa, shrouded in such secrecy that the world was denied any photographs of its most famous inmate, Nelson Mandela. Now there are plans to take Robben Island to the world through a video game, a website and even a mobile reconstruction of the prison cell where the struggle hero languished for 18 of his 27 years behind bars.

The video game is described as a “serious game” – not purely for entertainment – in the style of a graphic novel. It is being developed by South African students with help from the Serious Games Institute based at Coventry University’s technology park in the UK.

Serious Games For Learning How To Start a Business

StartUp_EU has created:

. A game to teach students how to start a business
. A competition to judge the results with prizes

Before the game, there will be training for teachers from Monday14 March 2013 that will be available for the duration of the project. Please note there are limited places available for schools across all of Europe, so please respond as soon as possible.
game-based learning


What’s the difference between Gamification and Serious Games?

serious game

Reading, Writing and Video Games  (NY Times)

— A review on recent news and reports on game-based learning landscape.

Personally, I’d rather my children played Cookie Doodle or Cut the Rope on my iPhone while waiting for the subway to school than do multiplication tables to a beep-driven soundtrack. Then, once they’re in the classroom, they can challenge themselves. Deliberate practice of less-than-exhilarating rote work isn’t necessarily fun but they need to get used to it — and learn to derive from it meaningful reward, a pleasure far greater than the record high score.


Using Game-based Learning to Teach Psychopharmacology

This article reviews several approaches used to teach psychopharmacology for graduate clinical psychology students. In order to promote engagement and increase student interest, students were broken up into groups and were asked to demonstrate their understanding of the material through a variety of interactive games (i.e., game-based learning, or GBL). Games used to teach this course included Quiz Bowl, Family Feud, Rounds, Potions, Brainopoly, and Puzzles. Results indicated that most students completed the reading prior to each class, were engaged with their team members, and appeared more confident in their understanding of the material over the course of the semester. Additionally, student satisfaction surveys revealed that most students greatly enjoyed these games and reported that they were useful to advancing their understanding of the material.

CfP: Special Issue – “Transforming the classrooms: Innovative Digital Game-based Learning Designs and Applications”

Special Issue on “Transforming the classrooms: Innovative Digital Game-based Learning Designs and Applications” in Educational Technology Research & Development

Due dates for full paper submissions: April 1, 2013

Publication date for the proposed special issue: December, 2013


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