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Designing #OER with Diversity in Mind

From Open Education Week 2013 Webinar :

The presenters will discuss factors which act as barriers and enablers regarding the creation and reuse of accessible teaching resources focusing on approaches of educators towards accessibility issues in the context of OER. Pedagogical, technical, and policy-based strategies to design, create and deliver OER/OCW learning experiences that can be used by the broadest range of learners will be shared.

To learn more about FLOE project:

Inclusive Design



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    Just think how many of my classmates in School and High School were left behind due to the assumption that we all learn the same way. I watched my brother James struggle at school until his Phys Ed teacher in Grade School realized he needed to be more kinetic in his approach to learning. By contrast my brother Ronald needed to learn more by rote and repetition. I learned using both of these methods together. We are all different in our learning styles and timing of presentation of the material. This requires that excellent teachers are provided with the resources, time and incentive pay to allow for this to happen. OPC Inc Accessibility Team

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