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The School of Open ( is launching during Open Education Week, March 11-15.  This means that all facilitated courses will open for sign-up that week, and all stand-alone courses will be ready to take then or anytime thereafter. A community of volunteers from P2PU, Creative Commons, Open.Michigan, and Wikimedia will offer free online courses on copyright, CC licenses, Wikipedia, open science, open data, open video formats, and more.

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The School of Open will provide online educational resources and professional development courses on the meaning and impact of “openness” in the digital age and its benefit to creative endeavors, education, research, and beyond. Individuals and organizations will learn how to use free technology and tools, such as Creative Commons licenses, to achieve their goals. Participants will also learn how to overcome barriers they run into everyday due to legal or technical restrictions.


Universal access to and participation in research, education, and culture is made possible by openness, but not enough people know what it means or how to take advantage of it. We hear about Open Source Software, Open Educational Resources, and Open Access… But what are these movements, who are their communities, and how do they work? Most importantly—how can they help me?

Learning about “open”

The School of Open will offer courses on the meaning and application of “open” on the web and in offline environments. Courses will be powered by mentors and learners like you, and will be organized into study groups that leverage free and open resources and tools for collaboration. Artists, educators, learners, scientists, archivists, and other creators already improve their fields via the use of open tools and materials. So can you. A long-term objective for the School of Open is to offer certification on the skills learned, so that you can help others take full advantage of what the digital age has to offer. Current courses include Teach someone something with open content and Get CC Savvy.

Who is involved?

The School of Open is coordinated by Creative Commons (CC) and the Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU). Volunteers — individual creators and organizational representatives — can design courses for peer learning in study groups or for facilitation by a subject expert. Creative Commons is a globally focused nonprofit dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright. P2PU is an active peer learning platform and community for developing and running free online courses. Course materials and resources on are available and accessible for all to use, under an open license (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike).

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get started. Here are a few:
• Grab your smart phone or laptop and sign up RIGHT NOW for these mailing lists:

  • (discussion)
  • (announcements)

• Check out, improve, or create a course at

Get notified when it is open for sign-up at

Read more about the launch at

(this content is from the one-page hand-out by School of Open)


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