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A Guide for Setting Mobile Learning in Your Districts

Leadership for Mobile Learning, a CoSN leadership initiative, has released a new resource to help school leaders navigate the mobile learning landscape. The guide for administers, which was developed based on the shared experiences of pioneering school and district leaders, industry experts and leading scholars, provides key information and tips to educate and support administrators interested in implementing mobile learning. The guide addresses common questions from administrators about mobile technology implementation.

Download the PDF version of the infographic depicting the implementation step by step.

This living guide contains the following resources:

Especially we like to point out the resources about mobile learning best practices curated by this site are great!

Mobile Learning Syntheses and Best Practices

University of Texas at Austin — Mobile Learning Portal: “This website, hosted by the Learning Technology Center in the College of Education at The University of Texas at Austin, is designed to be a central point of access to the wide range of research, projects, and other resources related to the use of mobile technologies in learning environments… The types of resources provided through the Mobile Learning Portal include a large collection of research articles; a listing of journals related to mobile and educational technologies; a repository of information about new and ongoing mobile learning initiatives; and a collection of the institutional, state, and national policies that will impact the future directions of this emerging field.”

K-12 Horizon Report and Horizon Report Toolkit: The New Media Consortium publishes an annual report on emerging technologies, such as mobile learning, that are on the cusp of widespread adoption in schools. This report has become a staple for school leaders looking to keep up with technology. CoSN has also developed a K-12 Horizon Report Toolkit to help administrators fully leverage this resource.

Edutopia: Edutopia conducts research and assembles reports on “what works in education.” It recently published a report entitled, “Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know,” as well as a “Resource Roundup” on Mobile Learning.

Project RED: Project RED has conducted research on best practices in 1:1 implementations and has determined key findings around the benefits of 1:1 computing. Their web site also contains useful implementation tools that may apply to mobile learning.

UNESCO – ICT in Education – Mobile Learning: UNESCO is currently working in partnership with other organizations including CoSN and the U.S Department of Education to author white papers and other resources on mobile learning in the quest to support education for all.


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