Connecting dots for digital learning and teaching

This is Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary School’s project blog about our experiences in using Civilization IV as an educational tool.

We will be running a series of lesson plans where we will utilize concepts from the game to approach curriculum goals in the subjects Norwegian, English and Social Science.

Using Civilization IV for Learning

The last week of our class’ work with this computer game, the students were tasked to utilize the game to present real-world international conflicts.

Normal gameplay in Civilization IV replicates concepts in international relations, but not actual events. However, by the use of player-made modifications and the in-game map editing tool (World Builder), students may set up a scenario that can emulate real world events.

As you can see from the above picture, World Builder allows players to place and edit cities, resources, units and geographical features on a pre-existing map. Students may then take control of all actors in the game to demonstrate phases and key events of the ongoing conflict. By recording comments in a screencast, students can efficiently communicate their understanding of causes and consequences of the conflict.

For this task the students merely edited the map to such an extent that it could be useful for their…

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