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Inanimate Alice – Digital Storytelling and Creating Your Own

Inanimate Alice is a digital novel (with text, images, sound, and interaction) narrated by a girl named Alice who travels the world with her family and her virtual friend Brad. There are so much teachers and students can do with it. Copied from its recent flyer :

Nurturing Old and New Literacies

Teachers around the world are gradually discovering the power of this beautiful series to transform learning and teaching in the vital elementary and middle years.

Through reading and studying Inanimate Alice and building on it as a wider context for learning in the classroom, the literacy skills of young people are developed at a faster rate than by using conventional texts alone.

This is true not only in relation to the traditional literacy skills of reading, writing, talking and listening, but also of the development of the digital and information literacies so vital for progress and prosperity in the 21st Century.

A key feature of the text is the fact that Inanimate Alice has such a powerful female lead character, whose situation demands that from an early age she must make her way in the world while learning not only to survive but to thrive in a technology-driven world. This makes it the ideal vehicle for teaching young people about empathy, citizenship and social responsibility, enabling them to become true global citizens in an age when the future of the planet depends on the skills and abilities of the new generation.

By engaging with Alice and becoming part of her world, young people are supported in their own personal development, enabling them to address the challenges of growing up in a safe and trusted environment. Using the story along with the high-quality resources, developed by experienced professionals, provides teachers with the ideal context for learning across all curriculum areas, from English as a Second Language through Social Studies, Literature and the Arts.

Most significantly however, it is the narrative power and quality of this born-digital reading experience which will engage, motivate and inspire young readers to unleash their own powers of creativity and realise their full potential.

iTeach Inanimate Alice

Create Your Own Alice Story

The most powerful capacity of this educational resource is to enable teachers or students to create their own stories. Students are encouraged to co-create developing episodes of their own.

Mozilla Webmaker

Use Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles to create the next chapter in the story, using characters and a storyline you create, remixing the web along the way.

Digital Assets

From full colour printable versions of the photo stories to individual sound effects and photographs, we have everything you need to download for use with Snappy to create your own Alice adventures.


Snappy is a unique and easy to use tool for putting together visual stories. It’s free!

Teacher Education Pack

A downloadable Education Pack (.pdf) is available free of charge to teachers and educators wherever you are. It directly involves teachers and learners in the Inanimate Alice experience. The pages include lessons on using a digital story to explore character development and paragraph structure and making connections with the story and the medium. Students apply knowledge though high-order thinking skills and emphasize the value of collaboration in a real-world context.

These comprehensive lessons are aligned to the Common Core State English Language Arts Standards in the area of Reading: Literature.

Edmodo Group

Of course, you’ll like a group of passionate teachers sharing the experience and resources around this digital story.

Inanimate Alice is Transmedia – designed as a story that unfolds over time and on multiple platforms, the episodes are available on devices capable of running Flash Player. Now it’s available in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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