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Craig Weiss has been in the e-learning industry, since it began in the late 90’s and has been identified as a thought leader in the e-learning industry. In a recent list ranking the top ten most influential people in the world for e-learning, Craig was listed as the number four. Craig is the CEO of E-Learning 24/7, a global consulting firm solely for the e-learning industry providing unlimited services to buyers and vendors. He has written for numerous publications around the world and regularly speaks at conferences around the globe. His past presentations: EduTech in Moscow, Russia (keynote), LearnX in Melbourne, Australia (keynote), Pharmaceutical Institute, HP Learning and Development Group, San Diego ISPI and webinars including one on talent management systems on Craig has also been interviewed by e-learning publications from the United States, Latin America and Russia and has been interviewed on radio.

By Craig Weiss

Everyone loves lists. Lists for the best books written in 1899 (right?), best products that work under water (summer time) and from the e-learning prospective – the best authoring tools.

Authoring tools are always changing – some for the better, others for the worst.

Therefore, new rankings are in order.

Here is how these new rankings will work throughout 2013:

  • Debut this month, update in July, final top 25 in Dec.
  • Vendors can move up, down or out of the rankings – after all it is on-going
  • First ranking are the top ten, July rankings are top 25, final rankings are the top 25
  • Listings can always be found on a new page called “rankings” which will appear in one month – thus eliminating the need to do a search (if applicable)
  • Rankings are based on my directories which are updated monthly; I also keep a separate directory which will…

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