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Mobile Learning Story – Literacy

Still in many places, paper and books are luxuries. Phone screens are like e-readers, and phone lines are the bridge from home to school. They could make a difference in education. This is a story featured on UNESCO website :

mobile learning

Photo by Steven Vosloo – Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0
User testing with Students for Humanity

To find out if teenagers in South Africa would read stories on their mobile phones, Steve Vosloo, manager of the Nokia-UNESCO partnership, launched the m4Lit (mobiles for literacy) project and Yoza Cellphone Stories was born. Launched by the Shuttleworth Foundation, the stories include mobile novels, Shakespeare and other classic authors.

Sample comments include: “I loved the book, wish it didnt have an ending. Shakespear please bring another one like this one. IT WAS MWAAAH!!” and “Ai shakespear rocks!”

More about Yoza cellphone stories

Yoza is the new space for short cellphone stories aka m-novels. They are hip, interactive and free. Read them, leave comments on the chapters and enter the writing competitions to win airtime. Each main story is a series: chapters are published daily. Think soapies on your phone.

There are four great new series: Kontax (adventure), Sisterz (romance), Confessions (teen issues), The Awesomes (romance) and Streetskillz (soccer). There are other great once-off stories, such as a bicycle ride through Lesotho! And don’t forget Yoza Classics for the greats such as Macbeth.

Yoza cellphone stories are short, hip and free. Read them, leave comments and vote. We also have classic poems and plays — something for all tastes.

And youth could publish their own stories on Yoza too :

If you write a cracking m-novel or book review then you’ll be published on Yoza. Your name will be shown as the author and we’ll link to one of your sites — your blog perhaps? We won’t pay you, but you’ll get exposure on Yoza and great experience of writing for a youth audience on cellphones.

You will keep your copyright in anything original which you write, after all you won’t be getting any money from us, but if its published then it will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. That means that other people can freely copy and remix your story and even sell it but they’ll have to put their efforts under the same license so that you, and anyone else can copy and remix and even sell their creations.

To read Yoza stories go to:


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