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Upgrading After School Programs for A Digital Age

From The Cooney Center : Upgrading Afterschool: Common Sense Shifts in Expanded Learning for a Digital Age

upgrading summer programThe Cooney Center’s Executive Director Michael H. Levine and Rafi Santo (Indiana University) have co-authored a chapter called “Upgrading Afterschool: Common Sense Shifts in Expanded Learning for a Digital Age” in the new book from the Expanding Learning & Afterschool Project. The compendium presents bold and persuasive evidence—as well as examples of effective practices, programs and partnerships—that demonstrates how summer and afterschool opportunities are yielding positive outcomes for authentic student, community and family engagement in learning. It features studies, reports and commentaries by more than 100 thought leaders including elected officials, educators, researchers, advocates and other prominent authors.

“Upgrading Afterschool” argues that expanded learning-time programs should emphasize participation in activities that let youth use their civic and collaborative skills as creators, makers, and innovators. The authors present principles for designing such programs and share recommendations for how to grow them.

The Upgrading Afterschool chapter is available online at the  Expanded Learning website.

The principles offered are based on an examination of three exemplary innovators in expanded learning time: the YouMedia network, spearheaded by the Chicago Public Library; Global Kids, an afterschool leadership organization based in New York City; and the Computer Clubhouse network, which was developed originally by the MIT Media Lab and now includes approximately 100 community centers in over 20 countries (Kafai, Peppler, & Chapman, 2009). Check it out!


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