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Tin Can API Tracks Learning in Serious Games

As explained in our previous post, Tin Can API Makes All Learning Experience Trackable. Traditional learning management systems(LMS) are lack of flexibility and data portability, even with social media integration, they are more like old-school-style learning. But nowadays learning opportunities and forms are very diversified, mobile applications, web-based applications, virtual worlds, simulations, learning games, MOOCs, informal learning in different forms. That’s why Tin Can API was proposed.

Games and Learning Alliance(GALA) also explained how Tin Can API can work with serious games : Tin Can API & Serious Games.

One of the aims of the Tin Can API was to be able to record all these actions that represent learning experiences. When such an activity needs to be recorded, the application sends statements in the form of “Noun, verb, object” or “I did this” to a Learning Record Store (LRS).

One significant issue in serious gaming has been tracking and reporting that usually were limited to the proprietary systems in which they were developed. The Tin Can API addresses this issue.

How Tin Can API records learning experience?

– Distributed content: games can be implemented on local servers and send statements to external LRSs.

– Multiple learners and team-based learning: Data can be reported to all the participants in the learning experience.

– Browser independence: Tin Can API conformant activities are not limited to a browser session, therefore larger quantities of data can be sent to the LRS.

– Customizable instructor interaction: the instructor can intervene to change a scenario in a game through the use of user-defined variables.

– User-defined variables: the player can adjust his/ her learning experience and use real-world data from just about any source to create dynamic games.

Serious games can be tracked in any LRS that support the Tin Can API. Even playing in a native mobile app can be tracked with an occasional internet connection. Learning data can be delivered to LMSs, LRSs, or reporting tools to reveal a more thorough picture . Read the full article here.

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