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A New Chapter for Libraries

The bookless library – Is that the future of libraries?

Question: As physical books go away, and computers and smart devices take their place, at what point does a library stop being a library, and start becoming something else?

Our Relationship with Information is Changing

Thomas Frey listed 17 primary categories of information that people turn to on a daily basis : Future Libraries and 17 Forms of Information Replacing Books.  Reading through it we will begin to understand how libraries of the future will need to function.


BiblioTech Is Bexar County’s Bookless Library

In Bexar County, Texas, the center of the San Antonio metropolitan area’s breakneck growth, a population boom has left some residents without adequate library access. A new initiative will fill that void with new centers of knowledge that look a lot like libraries–but with an important exception: locals who enter won’t find a single book on its shelves.

Welcome to the BiblioTech, the country’s first bookless public library system.

The ever changing landscape of technology means that literacy is no longer about picking up a physical book.

The library is a learning environment

The 4,989-foot, Apple Store-like space will offer 50 ereaders for loan, as well as tablets and computers, plus ebook loans for existing ereader users. Time magazine wrote an article about the phenomenon of the bookless library in 2011, saying that Drexel and Stanford Universities had already instituted bookless library spaces.

bookless library

The recent press release for the bookless library and some good debates are here : A New Chapter? A Launch Of The Bookless Library. Transitions always have challenges, but the history flow never stops.

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