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Using The Web as An Open Gaming Platform

Now hacking and remixing are in, they bring the opportunity of learning by making and playing.

Scratch 2.0

This week Scratch just released Scratch 2.0 (a public beta stage as of January 28, 2013) with a whole new experience of web-based environment, cloud computing and welcoming remixing and collaboration! Take a look : (from Scratch wiki)

See inside lets you look into the codes of other projects and you can experiment with it.

Cloud data lets online voting and score keeping possible since everyone can access the same data in the cloud.

Procedures, also called functions or methods, are a tool in many programming languages, which allow common blocks of code to be grouped and called by a single name. Blocks in Scratch are procedures themselves, as they are blocks of compiled code executed all at once. Procedures have inputs or arguments, which are used to edit the procedure’s effect slightly.

Ability to collect media from other projects online and save them into a digital “backpack” for later use in your projects.

The backpack is a feature of the project editor in the upcoming Scratch 2.0 that allows users to drag and drop costumessprites,sounds, and scripts from otherprojects into it and then drag and drop them easily into their project. This will simplify remixing. The backpack is collapsible, so, if the user is not using it at the moment, it is not taking up space.

Better ways to credit users (Project Credits)

Game On” from Mozilla – The Web is the platform



For the next three months, we’re going to be exploring three themes in game design and the open web: Hackable Games, Web-Only Games, and Cross-Device games.

Game On Competition will select the following 3 categories of winners : (the resources provided on its site are great)

Best Hackable Games

Create games that let players remix game mechanics, fork code, or use assets from the web to create their own version (and maybe even learn how to code along the way).

Best Multi-Device Games

Use the power of mobile to explore concepts like asymmetric gaming, alternate reality games, and companion apps. This category is searching for games that take advantage of the unique affordances of different platforms they inhabit.

Best Web-Only Games

Create games that can only be played on the web. Get inspired by web-only mechanics such as sharing links and data, finding clues on the web that will help you advance in the game, always-on multi-player, and more—creating the most webilicious game possible!

Mozilla is showing what’s possible using the web as an open gaming platform for the world. The web is the universal open platform for participation in almost everything if designed with this idea in mind.



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