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DigitalWish – Your Wishes for Digital Classroom Come True

Digital Wish is the edtech DonorsChoose. They have fulfilled more than 30,000 classroom wishes, here is the story from their press kit.


In 2006, Digital Wish founder Heather Chirtea’s 7-year-old twins were enrolled in a small, rural elementary school on the brink of closure. In order to keep the school open and preserve its small class sizes, 62 kids embarked on a letter writing campaign to the local community describing the value of the school and exactly how community members could help. In just 3 months, those 62 kids helped raise over $20,000 in donations, in-kind help, and volunteer hours that saved the school. Members of the community reported, “I wanted to help the school, I just didn’t know how until the students’ letters arrived.” It was a powerful lesson. The community was ready to help, but they needed an organized mechanism to do so.

From this experience came the idea for a website to empower teachers to solve their own technology shortfalls by connecting classrooms with their communities using the Internet. A year later, launched with a simple wish list feature and a few technology products. The need for classroom technology was so great that 1,000 teachers posted wishes in the first month. With such high demand, we began the process of turning Digital Wish into an official nonprofit organization.

Digital Wish

In September of 2008, Digital Wish was officially became a nonprofit and one week later Digital Wish received its first grant to scale operations and rebuild its website to serve the ever-increasing demand from teachers. Since August 2009, Digital Wish has granted over 24,000 classroom technology
wishes and delivered over $10 million in technology products to American classrooms. However, we’ve still only scratched the surface of the need.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated staff works in local schools to implement onecomputer-per-child initiatives and study the complex process of technology
integration in schools. Digital Wish is working to streamline every step in the process of classroom technology integration and craft step-by-step models,
useful automation tools, videos, downloadable resources, and instruction so that schools nationwide can replicate the same processes that have been successful in our schools.

We are striving to make the most comprehensive technology integration resource for teachers on the internet.


Find grants, lesson plans, virtual volunteers, and make your wishes for fundraising on Digital Wish. They are currently working on a content sharing strategy and app marketplace ( in beta).


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  1. Technology is rapidly changing education, and making it easier for so many children to learn. It is nice to see programs such as The Digital Wish make this a possibility.

    Tonya Simmons


  1. DigitalWish - Your Wishes for Digital Classroom Come True | Learn and Teach in the 21st century |

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