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Play and Learn Weekly – Jan.27th, 2013

What’s happening in the convergence of play and learn?


Games In The Classroom – An Event In Collaboration With Dell And Intel

On Thursday 24th of January, teachers from Singapore Ministry of Education Schools and Institutes of Higher Learning joined hosts Playware, Dell and Intel to learn more about how to bring 4 years of action research at the Future Schools@Singapore program to their schools and classrooms. 3DHive and 4Di were on show throughout the event which was held at the Mochtar Riady Audiotorium at the SMU Administration Building.

How Education Apps Have Become a Priority for AT&T

Developers with education app ideas will find a sympathetic ear at AT&T.

The company plans to spur the development of apps that will help improve the state of education, and is planning an education-centric “hackathon” contest in June to find the smartest apps. The idea is to bring the Internet, video, social media and the concept of “gamification” to the learning process.

It’s part of a broader push by AT&T to improve the quality of education, and is a big personal cause for CEO Randall Stephenson. The company said today it plans to invest $250 million over the next five years to improving education. Part of that money will go to its AT&T Foundry, which will look into tapping new ways to teach students.

Game Based Learning conf. : Irish Symposium on Game-Based Learning

Want to know about ‘serious games’ or games used for non entertainment purposes? Well, the third Irish Symposium on Game-Based Learning (iGBL2013; will be hosted at the Dublin Institute of Technology between the 6th and 7th June 2013.

GoGo Labs Becomes First Boise State Start-up Company

Boise State University has joined an elite group of research universities that have a launched a start-up company after licensing an online gaming platform developed by university faculty to a new venture, GoGo Labs, that will introduce the software product to the marketplace.

A New Group Aims to Make Programming Cool

There are several statistics that tell that story: the number of United States students receiving bachelor’s degrees in computer science, and the percentage of high school students earnings credits in the field, are both on the decline — even though there will be 150,000 computing-job openings every year for the next seven years, by one estimate. will also create a database to help parents find schools where computer science is already being taught and to advocate ways of making it more available to students.

13 year-old coder Jordan Casey to launch multiplayer virtual world

Casey, a member of the Waterford CoderDojo, became one of the world’s youngest iOS app developers around this time last year when his first game, Alien Ball Vs Humans, went on sale on the Apple App Store.


Video games and libraries are a good mix, say librarians

The American Library Association endorses video gaming, placing these in a similar class to board games. The association is clear about whether kids should  play video games in libraries: ”Video gaming at the library encourages young patrons to interact with diverse peers, share their expertise with others, including adults, and develop new strategies for gaming and learning.”

“Libraries hit a turning point when they made the decision to start including popular media in their collections,” writes Brian Mayer at Library Gamer. “By doing so, they shifted their collection development practices to be more inclusive of what their patrons want, embracing the desires of the community.”

MMO-School Project!

game-based learningMMO-School Project is a site where educators are sharing the experience of using popular MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 to offer students exciting and authentic learning experiences.  This site serves as a hub, designed to link together all of the project’s resources under a common roof.  Be sure to explore the project resources linked to the right.  Would you like to join us in this incredible learning adventure?  If so, contact Lucas at lucas at to learn more.

Game-Based Learning? 30 Non-Violent Video Games That Don’t Suck

Whether for game-based learning, or simply for fun to play, any of these games represents an impressive design achievement, and is definitely worth a play.

Games in Education: Getting Girls in the Game

There are two key factors that motivate girls to play games context and relationship. Girls enjoy games that allow them to solve problems in context and they prefer games with real world applications.  They are also more drawn to games that include the collaborative aspects of social media and help them achieve something they see as making a positive difference in the real world.  While drawn to games that include crossover characters from other media such as books or movies, girls also prefer games that closely simulate the real world.


Irish Symposium on Game Based Learning 2013; call for papers

Contributions are welcomed on a wide range of topics and may be research or practitioner-based. Research papers may include theoretical and empirical papers employing qualitative or quantitative methods. Completed research projects, such as action research or case studies, or works-in-progess are welcomed. Proposals for workshops and interactive posters are also invited.

2013 International Conference on Advanced ICT for Education, Special Session I:Game-Based Learning & Storyboarding, Call for Papers

This special session is intended to be the ICAICTE conference’s GBL forum.In addition to all ideas of and approaches to GBL, to theoretical foundations, to technologies, to applications and to evaluations, this forum will put particular emphasis on storyboarding game-based learning.The mastery of new approaches and technologies for educational purposes requires a particularly careful design and planning.It is crucial to deeply understand that storyboarding game-based learning means considerably more than just storyboarding a game.


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