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Healthivores Video Game Contest (K-12)

The first step to true learning is engagement. What better way to engage students these days than video games. That’s right… we said video games. Green Ribbon Schools has created a complete toolkit that will easily guide you through the process of how you can use meaningful online video game design to enhance students understanding of health eating, exercising and other healthy lifestyle choices (as well as enhance students science, math, language, technology, and career skills along the way).  In a few short weeks, you and your students can go from no game design experience to publishing your health related online video games on the Green Ribbon Schools website. Now there is a contest that provides the opportunity to win laptops besides learning with game design!

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Healthivores Video Game Contest (K-12)

Are you a teacher with zero video game design experience? NO PROBLEM! This year’s Healthivores Video Game Contest has begun and it’s easier than you think.  Check out the included Lesson Plan that will take teachers, even those with zero game design experience, step-by-step through the process of teaching your students to design games.  You will have your students completing their video games in less than 4 weeks.  This year we have added Technology, Science and Math focused Lesson Plan options to the already popular Nutrition and Fitness Lesson Plan.  Each winning team will receive one laptop for the teacher, one for the school and one for each student on the team . Deadline for entry is March 31, 2013 (allow 4 weeks for completion of Lesson Plan).  Get started now at the Healthivores Video Game Contest homepage!

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What is a Healthivore ?

Healthivore (hel thuh vohr or hel thee vohr): A person who eats healthy, exercises and makes healthy life choices. A Healthivore™ also teaches their friends, family and fellow students how to be healthy, and strives to always make the world a healthier place. Healthivores reign supreme at the top of the health pyramid.

There are hundreds of K-12 schools across US involved in different projects here, you could start engage students by having them playing the games from last year’s winners. (See 2012 Winners here)

video game contest for K-12

About Green Ribbon Schools

The national “Green Ribbon Schools” recognition and award program was developed by a strong collaboration of organizations and individuals that share a common concern: Children are increasingly disconnected from nature and play outdoors. We believe there are key and essential benefits to children’s health, development and well-being through outdoor play, experiencing and discovering nature first-hand. We are committed to working together to help stop this alarming trend and provide opportunities for children to develop to their full potential by reconnecting children with the wonders of playing and learning in nature. We were inspired by the book, “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv and the work of the Children and Nature Network.

Members include professionals from all walks of life: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; Texas Education Agency; Texas Department of State Health Services; Texas Forestry Service; Service Learning Texas; Texas Action for Healthy Kids Alliance; Texas Pediatric Society; Campfire USA; 4empowerment; nature centers, zoos, park friends groups; university professors and researchers, real estate developers, architects, media and marketing professionals, and more.

Primary developers of the “Green Ribbon Schools” recognition program are: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 4empowerment, Texas Impact and Texas Department of State Health Services with primary review by: Association of Student Councils, Service Learning Texas, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and the Texas Education Agency. The Children and Nature Network, to whom we owe much thanks for the use of “healthier, happier, smarter”, provided invaluable support and research.


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