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50 Resources on iPads for Learning

50 Of The Best Resources On iPads In Education by Tom Vander Ark first appeared on

36 Lists of iPad Resources 

A free image to be displayed by iPads when bei...

39 sites for using iPads in classrooms
10 iPad Apps Everyone Should Have– from PC Magazine
10 Must Have iPad Apps for Students and Teachers
10 Ways to Use iPads in Your Classroom
40 iPad Apps Librarians Love
40 Most Awesome iPad Apps for Science Students
50+ iPad Apps By a Geography Teacher
62 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom
100 Incredibly Useful and Free iPad Apps
Best Academic Reference Apps for the iPad– some pay, some free
Five Ways Readers Are Using iPads in the Classroom
How to Access Over 30,000 Free Books For the iPad
How to Set Up Class iPads and iPods
iPad Apps- from Teach With Your iPad Wiki
iPad Apps for Kids in the Classroom
iPad Apps for Physical Education
iPad Apps for Social Studies-civics, government, geography,U.S. & world history
iPad Resources I Can Use– comprehensive LiveBinder
iPads in the Classroom– Kathy Schrock’s web site
iPads in School– this blog is all about just that
iPads in Schools LiveBinder– comprehensive site
iPads in Science
Math That Moves: Embracing the iPad in the Classroom– New York Times
Mobile Learning 4 Special Needs 
Pros and Cons of iPads in the Classroom from Forbes Magazine
Quick List of iPad Resources For the Classroom– from Steven Anderson’s blog
ScreenChomp– app for the iPad; share lessons on your iPad
Snag Films iPad App– free full length documentaries
Top 20 iPad Apps for Teachers
The Ultimate Guide to Using iPads in the Classroom
The Ultimate Guide to Using iPads in the Classroom– from Edudemic
Using My iPad in the Classroom This Year– the Nerdy Teacher
18 Ways iPads Are Being Used In Classrooms Right Now
5 Brilliant Poetry Apps for Students 
30 of the Best Educational iPad Games: Kid’s Edition
Tim Bedley’s 80+ iPad Apps

12 Sources & Tools for iPad

iPads in Education Daily
iPads For Education
iPads in Primary Education
Mark Anderson’s blog
A Day in the Life of the iPad Classroom
The Debate Over iPads in Education
ShowMe: presentation software and instructional resources
Chromatik: learn, practice, record, share music
ClassDojo: classroom management
MasteryConnect: formative assessment
Edmodo: social learning platform

Check out Twitter hashtag #iPadEd for more

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