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Play and Learn Weekly – Dec.16th, 2012

What’s happening in the convergence of play and learn?


Be Wary of Video Games’ Educational Promises

With electronic toys from Leap Pads to Wii U consoles topping many a holiday gift list, one way many parents justify the purchases, particularly with younger children, is to focus on their educational possibilities. A report from the New America Foundation and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, “Pioneering Literacy in the Digital Wild West: Empowering Parents and Educators,” suggests that parents should be wary of those claims.

Social Media Linked to Apps, Whether Parents Like it or Not

That was one of the many findings of a report released this week by the Federal Trade Commission, “Mobile Apps for Kids: Disclosures Still Not Making the Grade,” which raised broad questions about the extent to which popular apps, games, and others tools pose privacy risks to children and their families by making personal information available to third parties without telling parents about it.

DSSH (Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare) Congress 2013

The DSSH Lustrum Congress of the DSSH, the largest European National Society or Simulation in Healthcare, will take place on the 20th of March 2013 at the Academic Medical Center in the beautiful city of  Amsterdam, the Netherlands!The ‘Call for Content’ is out, and the Board will compose the definitive programme soon. This year the Congress is themed: “Medical Simulation, What’s Next?”

Non-Military Games Prevail At I/ITSEC


At a military-dominated training technology conference like I/ITSEC, one would expect the winners of a serious games contest to be, well, military.

But three of the six winners of this year’s I/ITSEC Serious Games Challenge didn’t seem very martial…

Nevermind : Serious games for psychological trauma patients

Nevermind, developed by University of Southern California, , was selected as finalist in the 2012 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge under the Student Category (Please find also Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2012 Awards To Be Announced Today).

serious games

2013 Ohio Educational Technology Conference: Unconference 

For the 15th anniversary of OETC, join more than 6,000 attendees to explore the endless possibilities that distance learning and alternative learning models provide. Attendees will come together to teach and learn about new ways to equip, engage, and empower learners and educators across the state and beyond!


How effective is Game-based learning?

Game based learning (GBL) refers to the practice of incorporating any video, computer or online game software as a means to achieve learning. The concept of learning through game is not new but it has become an alternative to present-day classroom as a means to engage and motivate students that are digital natives.

7 tips for a Game-Based Learning success

The use of games with learning purposes is not new. Perhaps one of the most remarkable and significant person on this issue is Jean Piaget and his Constructivism approach. According to this, learning is an active process where the learner takes part of it since he builds up new ideas based upon current or past knowledge.


Call for Papers: Physical and Digital in Games and Play seminar
May 29-31, 2013, University of Tampere, FINLAND

Digital games have had a visible role on the contemporary rise of game cultures and game studies, but there are still under-explored research areas in the relation of digital games to other forms of games and play, including e.g. traditional card and board games, play with physical toys, paper-based puzzles, and physical sport games. The research carried out in such areas holds potential for both interesting comparative work in theoretical and empirical game studies, as well as for serving inspiration for experimental design research into hybrid, digital-analogue or augmented game designs. The seminar is the ninth in the annual series of game studies working paper seminars organised by Game Research Lab at University of Tampere.


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